Blueberry 3D-Desktop

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This is a project made using Delphi Open Edition. It's an OpenGL 3D engine above the Windows desktop. Instead of using the Windows conventional desktop, you browse through the desktop in a 3D world.



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Blueberry Thing

Blueberry Thing is an auxiliary tool used in conjunction with the Zebra synthesizer ( see ) that makes it easy to import audio samples into Zebra's oscillator modules.

Blueberrycake - a bulletin board system based on cakephp

blueberryCake (aka bbcake) is a bulletin board system.

Blueberrypy - Yet another Python web framework.

Blueberry uses the CherryPy WSGI web server and feels similar to and Google AppEngine's web framework. Follow the project on GitHub: 05/11/2010Updated Blueberry to version 0.2In this version: Now using Python Routes for URL mapping Blueberry 0.2 has real controllers, similar to Pylons RESTful controllers for APIs Now using webob.Response with modified cookie handling from blueberry 0.1 examples directory that shows basic usage of the new URL rou

Blueberry-hd - Sistema de Help Desk

Blueberry HD é uma aplicação ASP.NET de Help Desk construída na plataforma .NET 3.0. Blueberry HD faz parte de um TCC (Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso) da Faculdade IBTA de São José dos Campos.


A jQuery image slider plugin written specifically for responsive web design.

Bb-pro - Depuracion de proy

Depuracion de proyecto de reconcimiento de patrones. Proyecto que aporta a la deteccion automatica de blueberry en buen estado v/s con hongos

Blueberry-3sia-livraria - Blueberry 3SIA - Livraria

Elaboração de um site simulando uma livraria. O projeto fará as seguintes funções: -Cadastrar usuário -Cadastrar livros -listar livros cadastrados -vender & comprar livros Será implementado a internacionalização de pt_BR e en

Sbql4j - Stack-Based Query Language for Java

This project is a result of research supported by Polish-Japanese Institute of Information TechnologyAn extension to Java language with an engine based on Stack-Based Architecture (SBA) It provides capabilities similar to Microsoft LINQ for Java language. Allows to process Java objects with queries. SBQL4J follow software engineering principles such as orthogonality, modularity, minimality, universality, typing safety, and clean, precise semantics. Code with queries are parsed by preprocessor in

Drink-factory - this is a factory to produce different kinds of drink.

Our project is a supply chain management system about producing fruit juice. NAME: The name of manufacturer is “Green Gaga�, the meaning is to provide the most healthy drinks for the people all over the world. ADDRESS: The address is NO.8 of Chaoyang district, Beijing PRODUCT: Tropical Delicious (Pineapple (8), Passion fruit (8), Red grapes (8), Guava (8), Mango (8), Apple (8)); Golden Orange Mango delicious (Mango (9), Orange (9), Kiwi (9), Guava (9)); Melon Delicious (Melon (9), Jasmine (9