Blue-gps - Turn your Blackberry into fully functional Bluetooth GPS receiver

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The project aim is to develop an Blackberry App that will allow iPhone/iPod/iPad and other devices to source GPS information from Blackberry as it was a regular Bluetooth GPS Receiver. This is a JAVA project based on Blackberry JAVA API (OS5). What works: Bluetooth connection NMEA generation based on location information Tested and works with iOS AirBlue GPS Tested and works with Nokia s60 phone Runs on BB OS 5, BB OS 6, BB OS 7 Design highlights: Blackberry CLDC application (OS 5) Service + Client (UI) architecture Currently, the device is capable to emulate the following NMAE sentences based on its location information: GPGGA GPGLL GPRMC GPGSA Troubleshooting: If something does not work please ensure that all the options are checked and set to default! Remove all Bluetooth paired devices from your BB Disable all Bluetooth Profiles on you BB Reboot your BB (preferably by removing you battery) Start Blue GPS Try connecting to you BB via bluetooth to get GPS data Your BB will display some debug info and after a few minutes GPS data should be sent to your device How to disable Bluetooth Profiles on you BB When connecting to Blue GPS it might happen that your device (i.e. iPod) selects and tries to connect to the first found bluetooth service on you Blackberry The first found bluetooth service on you Blackberry is not 'blue gps' (in majority of cases) but something called 'desktop connectivity' That is why it is advisable to disable all Bluetooth Profiles on you Blackberry; steps (BB OS6): Go to your Blackberry Options->Networks and Connections->Bluetooth Connections->Options (from context menu) Disable all services, especially making sure all 'Serial Port Profiles' are unchecked and hard reboot your BB (remove its battery) Alternatively (if using iDevice i.e. iPod), try using AirBlue GPS application to connect to your Blackberry Todo: Add satellite information Improve communication between the service and UI Redesign the UI



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