The BLT Toolkit

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The BLT Toolkit is an extension to Tcl and Tk. It adds new commands and widgets to the Tcl interpreter. Included widgets are 2D graph, barchart, stripchart, tab notebook, and tree viewer.



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Bltc - The Bit Level Types Compiler

Bit Level Types is a language for specifying binaryformats through a collection of types -- commonly, a Data Description Language. BLT specifications can describe both files (e.g., JPEG, ELF, MIDI) and network packets (e.g., IP, TCP, X). By writing a BLT specification for a format, we create a formal definition of what a valid instance of the format is. The enclosed compiler generates parsers and encoders to mediate between the raw binary format and its canonical embedding in a user's programmin

Computing-finance-blt - Explore the technologies and computing techniques applied to pricing derivat

Explore the technologies and computing techniques applied to pricing derivative securities.


That Perl module is a collection of regexps covering filenames and version strings (at least) that has relation to the Debian project (it's GNU/Linux distribution, you know). That module requires Blt;Regexp::Commongt; to run.

Vpgui - C++ Graphics Library

A graphics library created entirely in C++. Encapsulating simple primitives such as lines, rectangles, and points... To Blt functions and more... No OS dependencies for GUI operations. (Other than platform specific from memory to hardware BLTs)

Jquery-bltcheckbox - Easily create custom checkboxes styled by css.

Create custom checkboxes by simply defining css styles. This moves all of the presentation to css instead of relying on the jquery plugin to write html. blt checkbox is VERY lightweight and cross browser friendly. Tested in IE6+, FF3+, Opera 9, Safari 3, Chrome. How to useThe markup for custom checkboxes is fairly minimal. You must wrap your checkbox/radio inputs in an element. Checkbox/radio input elements must contain an id if you want one returned for use in callback functions. ExamplesSingle

Galaxygamepdp11 - One of the first Arcade games.

This is the source code for the first coin operated video games it was created at Stanford in the early 70s. Created by Bill Pitts and Hugh Tuck in 1971. It is written for the PDP-11 in machine language. I thought you might be interested in the number of opcodes used in Galaxy Game, so here a listing of the opcode and the times they are used. Opcode Amount ADC 11 ADD 57 ASL 19 ASLB 1 ASR 4 BEQ 37 BGE 7 BGT 26 BIC 16 BIS 7 BIT 27 BLE 10 BLT 17 BMI 1 BNE 26 BPL 20 BR 25 BVC 4 CLR 50 CLRB 1 CMP 37

Pagecapture - IE�览器的网页抓图按钮

在IE工具�上制作一个抓�当�页�内容为jpg图片文件的按钮,使用 ATL 和 MFC ,VC 编写�IDE使用VS2010 。 原�是就是获�页��柄�,使用PrintWindow截图,并且��使用HTML的scrollTop和scrollLeft�动页�,完�全部页�的截图,使用BitBlt拼接到CImage中。 增加 切�代�的按钮,支� windows7 ,直接使用 InternetQueryOption 和 InternetSetOptionW设置代� ,�使用直接修改注册表的方�。 并且,自

Igo-mysize - iGO-MySize allows you to resize iGO 2008

IntroductioniGO-MySize allows you to resize iGO 2008 to any size you wish, primarily for embedding in car PC applications like FreeICE or RoadRunner. It does this with little or no impact on CPU usage Quick StartYou just need to copy iGO-MySize.exe and iGO-MySize.dll from the distribution root directory to your iGO8 folder. Make sure you run with arguments as follows, either from a shortcut or from your front end iGO-MySize.exe -width=640 -height=384 You must have both width and height set or it

blt - Release history of blt

Release history of blt

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