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!! This project has been abandoned !! Blox is a web suite designed to allow webmasters to focus on developing content instead of the site. What makes Blox unique is that adding a feature is as simple as dropping a folder on the server.



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NHibernate with Problem-Design-Solution

Project to accompany the NHibernate with Problem-Design-Solution Wrox Blox by Scott Millett, demonstrating how to use NHibernate within a web context ( whilst applying enterprise design patterns and following a Domain Driven Design methodology.

Bizblox - BizBlox is the simplest ORM API for .Net with a nice GUI code generator

BizBlox Object Relational Mapping (ORM) Developer Suite for .NETBizBlox is the simplest ORM system for Visual Studio today yet it provides powerful features you can grow in to as you need them. Automatically create thousands of lines of repetitive database code in seconds for C# or Visual Basic straight from your database design Search and query your database without writing any SQL and treat your results as if they are collections Full code synchronization allows you to change your database des

BizBlox ORM

BizBlox is a simple to use Object Relational Mapper API for .Net. On top of the usual features you expect from an ORM it provides native support for web services using transfer objects and partial transfer objects.


Blox0r Best web aggregator ever! Web aggregator, blog reader, bookmark manager and more. XUL application for use in Gecko browsers like Mozilla, Firefox, Camino, Netscape. Runs in all platforms like Linux, Windows, MacOSX.

SearchBlox-Powered-MVC-Site - An Asp.Net MVC web app that has a SearchBlox powered Search

An Asp.Net MVC web app that has a SearchBlox powered Search

blox - WebGL minecraft-style voxelly goodness

WebGL minecraft-style voxelly goodness