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Blosxom is a lightweight yet feature-packed weblog application designed from the ground up with simplicity, usability, and interoperability in mind.



Related Projects

Gnome Blosxom

Gnome Bloxsom is a GUI based program to post entries to a Blosxom based weblog.

Bloxsom-ajax - AJAX plugin for Blosxom

A simple interface to use CGI::Ajax with Blosxom.

Blosxom-widget - Creates widget from rss streams for placement using the theme plugin.

Blosxom Widget is a Blosxom plugin that allows for the addition of widgets to a layout using the theme plugin. The widgets are configured in an XML file, and then broadcast to the main Blosxom name space for placement in a template file.

Whitzlily - Ultra simple weblogging engine

Ultra simple weblogging engine, based on a ruby's blosxom implementation, lily.

Plagg - A 'river of news'-style RSS and Atom aggregator

Plagg is a weblog/news aggregator that works in conjunction with Rael Dornfest’s blosxom or pyblosxom. It can be easily extended to support other blogging tools. Plagg reads an OPML file containing a list of RSS or Atom feeds, and generates blosxom blog entries from these feeds. The items of each feed are generated into their own directory/blosxom category, which allows to read the news all at once or per feed.

Pyblosxom-webfront - A webfront system for PyBlosxom to allow post entries through a web browser.

Most web-based software has a web-based interface for managing/configuring the software. PyBlosxom is rather lacking, which while it does not need such an interface, many users may prefer it. So to fulfill that want, this project have been going on. Features: Create, edit, move, and delete PyBlosxom entries. Create, edit, move, and delete PyBlosxom flavours. Manage other files in the webspace. Requirements: Cheetah 2.0rc8 PyBlosxom 1.4 Python 2.3


A python implementation of the blosxom blogger.

mod_blosxom module for Apache

mod_blosxom.c is the Apache module which builds the extremely lightweight Weblog environment. mod_blosxom.c has inherited the function of 'Blosxom' and can share the same data and the same template.

tumble: tumblelog like blosxom

tumble is a featherweight weblog engine in the grand tradition of blosxom, designed for tumblelogs.

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