blootbot - Infobot in Perl

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IRC bot written in perl, based on Infobot. Features MySQL, SQLite and PgSQL support and tons of weird, funky, useless, undocumented features to make it bloated: A blootbot.



Related Projects


An IRC bot, similar to the Blootbot and Infobot, written in python.

Voltus5 - IRC Bot based on Infobot & blootbot

Bot irc basado en el 1er bot irc de informacion creado por Kevin Lenzo continuado en el projecto por blootbot que tiene mas features, y este en particular es la traduccion del codigo de blootbot para que este bot que originiario del ingles pueda entenderse al español

Titanium-Bot. A PHP based infobot

Titanium-bot is a php based infobot designed to be easier to configure and fix than the current blootbot and infobot. Titanium-bot will also have more database intergration (with config users, etc).