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Blog52 is a weblog application written in ASP with MS SQL Server as database, will be Access too.



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Web2bb-php52 - Enhanced Web2bb Framework for PHP 5.2.x

web2bb is original work by Kevin Waterson distributed under the new BSD license from this website: WEB2BB is an ultra light, ultra fast, and freely available MVC written in PHP. It does not try to be all things to all people, nor does it even care what other frameworks do. It just provides a simple and easy to use framework for PHP projects. Original framework requires PHP 5.3 and uses namespaces. My version is ported to work in PHP 5.2.x and enhanced in several wa

Jquery-lazyload-ad - jQuery LazyLoad Ad is a jQuery plugin that takes advantage of LazyLoad delaying

jQuery LazyLoad Ad - Implement a clever Ad Distribution !jQuery LazyLoad Ad is a jQuery plugin that takes advantage of LazyLoad delaying ads loading. Highly improve general page load (Ads are displayed after the page load and only inside the viewport) Compatibility with AdSense and many other advertisers Cross Browser support (IE5.5+, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari) Gains on my blog : 65% for the page load, and 52% for page weight -> Without lazyLoad Ad : Page loaded in 8.88s (371.98kb) -> With

Blogifpb - Um simples blog que pode ser usado como CMS

RequerimentosApache 2.2+ PHP 5.2+ MySQL 5.1+ Instalação Faça download do arquivo em Coloque na sua pasta default (www ou htdocs) do Apache Crie um banco de dados MySQL Edite o arquivo config.php com os dados do seu blog Execute o arquivo instalacao.php Pronto! Seu blog já pode ser usado Delete o arquivo instalacao.php após efetuado a instalação LoginPadrão de instalação: usuário: teste senha: teste Pode ser alterado após o

Lisaframework - Lisa PHP Web Application Framework

Lisa PHP Web Application Framework LISA is an object oriented web application framework based on PHP 5.3 and Smarty or Dwoo template engine. Older versions based on PHP 5.2. LISA follows the model view controller architecture. Version 0.2.0 or higher using namespaces, late static bindings and many of PHP's new features. Please send your experiences to us. FeaturesUse mod rewrite for human URIs Fast and flexible templating with layout support On the fly image resizing system with PHP GD Access Co

Learnphp - learning php programming

There are some code in learning php. include: 1.language 2.zend framework 3.mysql 4.socket a cli process access.log #very simple number transform to alpha 6.webutils upload files upload images and resize

Petrus-blogger - Blogging Client

Petrus BloggerPetrus Blogger is a blogging client written in Java. It is known to work on Oracle Solaris, Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. The following services are currently supported: LiveJournal, InsaneJournal,, DreamWidth, Blogspot, WordPress. Oracle JRE 6 should be installed to run Petrus Blogger. Petrus Blogger — Ñ�то полнофункциональный клиент длÑ� блоггинга. Petrus Blogger работает на таких операционных Ñ�иÑ�Ñ

N-gen - An opensource website framework developed using PHP

WelcomeNGen is a relatively lightweight website framework developed using PHP. Note: NGen is still being developed, the trunk is not the focus right now. We're working on the 2.1 branch in the SVN (it may be unstable!). GoalOur goal is to create a powerful, flexible, lightweight website framework. FeaturesLightweight / Optimized Well-documented code Friendly URLs (IE: Database drivers use PDO (documentation) PDO is a fast and secure solution for PHP developers Dat

Wordpressinstallationsystem - Wordpress Installation System(WPIS) is a php/mysql based Wordpress Ins

Wordpress Installation System by Abhishek Jha Intro:Wordpress Installation System(WPIS) is a php/mysql based Wordpress Installation Automation and Controlled Installation System for Web Hosting providers. If you are a web hosting provider and would like to automate your task of providing people a ready made website of their needs, then this script makes it easy for you to make a user system controllable from admin p

Puzzleproject - Framework php

IntroductionNé en 2008, puZZle project, vise à aider à la réalisation de projets php. Entre un framework et cms, il se veut simple d'utilisation. Pour plus de détail, voir sur (rubrique : puZZle project) Configuration requisePHP >= 5.2 Mysql >= 5 Poste développeur sous windowswampserveur 2.0 Quelques exemples ?L'exemple suivant permet de réaliser un éditeur d'article pour blog : <?php class Zlog_writeArticle extends Bout { public function buil

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