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A project to build Java tools on top of the various weblogging APIs.



Related Projects


A simple Open Source Blog using ASP.NET MVC 4, jQuery, Entity Framework Code First and SQL CE 4 or SQL Server 2008/2012.

LiteBlog (MVC)

LiteBlog is a simple and easy to use blog. LiteBlog is based on ASP.NET MVC 4 and jQuery framework. Data is stored as XML files with easily understood markup.


A simple yet lightweight blogging platform built on ASP.NET MVC 3, Entity Framework, Ninject, jQuery and the .NET 4.0 framework. Now compatible with SQL CE and SQL Server 2005+. Now supporting multi-tenancy!

Log4erl - A logger for erlang

A logger for erlang in the spirit of Log4J. You can download the latest tarball from the downloads section and read README.txt file for instructions on using log4erl. Please visit blog for this project at Also, you can subscribe to our page in google groups in Alternatively, users may get the latest source from This project is licensed under both Mozilla Public Licnese (MPL) and BSD licens

Mt4j-gstreamer-extension - An extension for the MT4j Framework that integrates the GStreamer media l

What is mt4j-gstreamer-extension?MT4j GStreamer Extension is an extension for the open source multi-touch framework Multi-Touch for Java (MT4j). It provides an easy to use integration of the GStreamer library which can be used to play video and sound files from within MT4j applications. InstallationTo use this extension, you need to have Multi-Touch for Java (MT4j) installed on your system first. Then download the extension, extract it into the /mt4jLibs folder and add the jars to the build path

N4j - Natural For J - A conversion tool for Natural Web Pages in Java EE environments

Natural is a very popular programming language, built by Sotware AG. It is mainly focused in mainframe environments. N4J does not intend to replace Natural for Windows, it is only an adapter which allows a Natural Programmer to create websites in Java platforms. This is an open source project. - News: After a long time, we'll have our first source upload. The first working version is almost ready.And we'll begin to write our wiki. - Brave developers needed: We need Natural developers to work on

Ajlog - No more logger - Logging reloaded

AjLog is a Logging Facade based on AspectJ. This framework uses the power of AspectJ and Java Annotations to provide a better alternative to Jakarta Commons, SLF4J or other Logging facade implementations. Some of the core goals: "No more logger" ;-) Systematization of logging, debugging and tracing Visibility of Logging Better Context support (MDC or NDC) Debug free code of production code (better then in C/C++) Exchange of the logging messages without rebuild. Adaption of the serverity level wi

Jquery-ed-google-blog-bar - A 4KB jQuery plugin instead of 118KB Google Blog Bar

I have shown before how to use Google Blog Bar as related posts widget, But when I actually tried to use it on my site, I didn't like all these JavaScript and CSS files that I've to include. And since I already use jQuery -and who doesn't- I decided to rebuild the Blog Bar from scratch. Of course, I'll be using the API RESTful interface of the AJAX Search API that returns JSON encoded results. So I didn't scratch too much :) Advantages Of My jQuery-ed Google Blog Bar: Much lighter: Using Google