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Simple desktop java application. Store local plain notes (or blogs), separated by categories. Every messagelt;3000 symbols. Useful when Internet publication not required. Java SE 1.6 (Java 6) required (



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Phptxtblog - A PHP blog system with txt file,no database

A PHP blog system with txt file. No Database forexample Mysql...

Microbucky - a server-side micro blog

An RSS enabled micro-blog for use on your server. Micro Bucky requires PHP5 and uses a MySQL storage engine. An administrative backend allows deletion of unwanted posts. Micro Bucky currently has a separate login for creation of an entry and the administrative backend for post deletions. The project is not actively maintained, however it appears stable and functional. Visit the README.txt for installation instructions and notes on custom configuration. The project source code is based off Jibber

Ytblog - A blog engine running on Google App Engine

This Project is deadPlease switch to YTCommunity, Featuressimple blog engine on GAE support multi-user blog mode support forum mode How to use 这个项目已��止更新欢迎使用YTCommunity, 功能一个跑在GAE上的简�的blog引擎 支�多用户模� 支�论�模� 如何使用

Pyhibaidu - A class to control baidu space.

If you intertest in Baidu Space( is owned by China's Search Engine called Baidu,you will want to control it.It is so easy to use this class.Maybe just Chinese will be fond of it!You can see the read.txt for further devolopment.

Blogscheduler - Automatically post to your blog or blogs according to a schedule with Perl

In conjunction with the smtp command-line mailer, blat, and the Windows XP Task Scheduler (or equivalent cron-like tool), this Perl script allows you to schedule postings to multiple blogs.The script, whenever it is run, will check if a particular blog should be processed according to the schedule. If so, the script will email the contents of the first file for the blog.For instructions on how to make the source code functional, please see the blog postings referred to below.Files must be locate

Extascee - extASCee is a simple ascii-art, .nfo file viewer for the Linux gnome environment.

extASCee is a simple ascii-art, .nfo file viewer for the Linux gnome environment. With extASCee you can view both simple and high-ascii art (no editing though) and the supported file formats are .txt, .nfo, .diz and .asc. extASCee is released under the Gnu GPL license, that means it is free software. You can visit my blog here:

Beidanci - Make a appspot project for some one who want to remember English words anywhere anytime. is a web toolkit for anyone who use Kingsoft dict , that they can export some words hard to be remembered to a txt file by the dict software and upload it to the, The site supply some services to make them remember the english words easy anytime any where. I think at final this toolkit support some api to integrate with blog and some else.

Melodycomposition - Application for melody composition using genetic algorithms

Application for melody composition using genetic algorithms. The application uses a simple UI to alter the parameters for melody generation. A simple plugin system is used to make it easy to add new plugins which are used by the fitness function to calculate the fitness of a given melody. See the wiki for more documentation about checking out and building the project and developing plugins for the project. Unzip the archive and follow the instructions in the readme.txt for running the applicatio

Pacmaker - 代�自动�置文件生�器

PacMaker — By Null 由于 �常超载,�好自己弄个生�器了。目�貌似被墙了。 本程��考�使用以下内容: 上��到的 gfwlist.txt 已�被墙,�以在�置文件中添加自己的镜�列表, 我自己�建了

Webenum - HTTP enumeration swiss knife

WebEnum is a tool to enumerate http responses using dynamically generated queries. It is a flexible universal tool useful to perform penetration testing to web servers. It is useful to Bruteforce web accounts and passwords Discovery directories, files and users with ~user Apache method Guess table names and columns size in SQL injection Fuzz HTTP requests including GET, POST and HTTP Header Audit webserver behaviours generating multiple HTTP requests Is available an italian tutorial in dissectin