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Lightweight PHP/SQL-based blogging system for those who require all of the bells but none of the whistles. Keep It Simple, Stupid!



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A rapid psexec style attack with samba tools

Sovizo - Projet en php

Création d'un blog en php pour un projet dans le cadre des études. Etudiants de l'IUT Paris Descartes.

Tiny2d-gameegine - Java2D Game Engine

Tiny 2d é um simples motor de jogo escrito em Java, utilizando a API Java2d. Agradecimentos a toda a equipe do blog Abrindo o jogo por ajudar a forma a idéia principal do core

Objets-d-art - Objets d'Art is a small-business website/software package for retailers of distri

Built with the powerful Django Web framework, Objets d'Art is a collection of Django applications designed to help artists build and maintain a website centered around their art, including a portfolio application, a store application, a simple blog, and a forum application for communicating with their fan-base and clients.

Xdcms - so simple you'd think we're joking

xD CMS is a simple CMS written in php. It started as a fork of the older "UCMS" (found here: ) xD has a heavy emphasis on modularity and customization.

Jsviz - JSViz makes it easy to create dynamic 2D views of information.

JSViz makes it easy to create dynamic 2D views of information. Practical applications include network graphs, navigation, and other dynamic layouts. JSViz Project Blog JSViz Discussion

Cliffordengine - A simple C++ 2d game engine and game editor

This game engine and game editor is designed to make simple 2d games and allow easy AI development. It is still considered work in progress. See the development blog:

Gameobjects - Algorithms for games and realtime applications

Game Objects is a collection of 2D and 3D maths classes, and algorithms for helping in the creation of games with Python. Suitable for PyGame, but independent of it. Game Objects Documentation See for more information regarding this project.

Zftuts - Tutoriel sur le Zend Framework (PHP)

Retrouvez ici le dépôt pour mes tutoriels sur le framework php Zend. Retrouvez la liste des tutoriels sur le Zend Framework sur mon blog :