Baml Localizer

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Baml Localizer is a set of tools to translate your WPF application. This tools follows mainly the LocBaml workflow as described in



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Testing-doctest - A Unit Test framework for writing tests in your php code docstrings.

ImportantTesting_DocTest is now an offcial PEAR package and has moved to the PEAR packages repository, please report bugs to the PEAR bug tracker. IntroductionTesting_DocTest allows the developer to write unit tests directly in the blocs of your PHP functions, classes and class methods. It comes with a default runner that will parse all your blocs and will run the extracted tests, running tests is as simple as: $ phpdt /path/to/your/codeThere are several advantages in using Testing_DocTest: it m

Puncake - when the Cakes cook Forums / Quand les Gateaux cuisinent des Forums

PunCake est un Portail pour Forum (FluxBB/PunBB en premier lieu) apportant tous les ingrédients nécessaires à la création de sites web. En effet il dispose de 10 modules: Actualités Articles Blocs Calendrier Cartes Google Planet Téléchargements Tickets (Système de suivi de Bogues) Tribune Trucs et Astuces Puis de quelques (15) blocs standard (menu/liste des modules/stats du forum/lecteur rss etc.. etc...) s'activant à souhait. Par ailleurs la gestion de thèmes permet une parfaite inté


Simple application "bloc-notes"

Mahara-artefact-feedback - Add a feedback artefact to Mahara. That is the ability to comment on bloc

The existing comment system provided by Mahara does not allow to add comments on individual blocks. What it does instead is commenting of a a view. While this works for most cases it fails when views are used as a learning tool. This plugin add a new artefact called "feedback" and patches Mahara so that feedbacks can be added on individual blocks of a view. The patching is required but not intrusive as it makes only two modifications: it renames one of the existing class, so that it can be repla

Elemental-framework - php mvc framework

Un petit framework qui fonctionne sous le modèle MVC. C'est un framework qui utilise un modèle de vues qui ressemble beaucoup au très sophistiqué modèle de Magento. J'ai tellement aimé le modèle de Magento que j'ai créé un framework qui utilise le même principe de blocs et de réutilisation d'images entre différents thèmes. Ce modèle est très bien quand on doit traduire un site dans plusieurs langues. Même si le framwork n'est pas mature il est suffisamment stable et est en produc

Wikib - a wiki-like markup syntax done in Python.

wiKIBThis is the name of the markup syntax I've used to build my new site It has : headers (all levels are supported); bold, italics, underline, super/sub scripts, mono space blocs, horizontal rule. They all can be nested within each other ; code blocks with syntax highlighting; a very basic lists and images support; a custom markup rule to escape the wiki syntax if needed. The syntax is highly extensible, and in fact you can even write your own one (supposed you


A Minecraft NBT and McRegion file reader.

Blocstac - Open Source software of BlocStac

BlocStac is a Wiki for teams with up to 100 collaborators. While we do our utmost to excellently serve our customer's need, we also acknowledge that the community has far more power to bring BlocStac forward. That's why we share relevant code as open source under a liberal license.

Tinyaml - a virtual machine, a compiler, and a compiler-compiler, all in one.

This is not yet another Meta-LanguageTinyaML is a virtual machine, a compiler, and a compiler-compiler, powered by the abstract parser tinyap. It is entirely written in C, endian-safe, and allows easy bindings of new C APIs into the virtual machine. The VM executes wordcode with a virtual threading model and features a garbage collector. TinyaML allows the user to compile and run assembly code, or plug new grammars for higher-level languages into the parser and implement the methods to compile t