MaxIDE - BlitzMax IDE

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An Integrated Development Environment for the programming language BlitzMax including a program editor, debugger interface and help system.



Related Projects

Blitzcoderide - CollIDE - An IDE for BlitzMax

CollIDECollIDE is an IDE for the programming language BlitzMax. It was started to have a usable IDE on Linux and Max OSX-Platforms, but it also runs on windows. CollIDE ist completely written in Java and requires a Java-Runtime-Environment Version 6. CollIDE was started in November 2007 and is still very unstable. Please report bugs and help me to improve the application. Some Features:Fast syntax-highlighting for BlitzMax, XML, Ini, C and many other languages CodeFolding Fast BlitzMax-Parser wi

Max-edit - MaxEdit is a BlitzMax Integrated Developer Environment

A modular evolution of MaxIDE the standard code editor for BlitzMax. Features plugins for media editors and various programming languages as well as extensive support for developing with BlitzMax the popular next generation BASIC from Blitz Research Limited. In recent years this project has also been home for axe.mod and axe3d.mod BlitzMax module libraries.