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Blister is an extremely fast, scalable, lightweight, cross-platform C++ library and cmdline tool set for building async I/O servers and clients. It includes optimized logging, configuration, networking, process control, HTTP and SMTP APIs



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Ghetto-fts - Ghetto full text search: the world's smallest full text indexer.

Absolutely minimalist implementation filesystem full text indexer in 62 lines of Python. Script is 1894 bytes. Runs from memory. Blisteringly fast (for Python anyway). Indexes around 3.8mb/sec on a Macbook. Incredibly naive (it'll try to index JPEGs) Fun! Usage: $ [your_source_dir] Query? include stdio 0.00 your_source_dir/main.h Looking for a real full text indexer for Python? Check out Whoosh

Sr245-daq-interface - Provides a Python interface for the SRS SR245 DAQ

The SR245 is an old data acquisition module (DAQ) built by Stanford Research Systems (SRS). It features (8) analog I/O and (2) digital I/O on the front, along with an additional digital port on the back. 13-bits of resolution between +/-10.23 V, a blistering sample rate of 2.1 ksps, and a gigantic memory for 3500 samples round out this beast. This project aims to provide a Python interface to the SR245 over RS-232, one of two communication interfaces provided (the other being GPIB).

Faxo-bigtable-ruby - A clone of Google Bigtable in Ruby

This is's implementation of Google Bigtable written as a Ruby gem native extension in C. Requires Faxo's GFS (filesystem) gem. If the thought of a database written in anything other than C scares you it should. We're not going to start a holy war but as you scale up your biggest cost will always be hardware and that implies using C the language that built your operating system and your SQL database. We use Ruby for everything else. Our pure Ruby version of Bigtable was written in less t

Gyroscope - Dynamic stability for OSGi

Gyroscope is a service layer runtime (SLR) for OSGi that aims to hide most of the dynamics of the platform providing a stabilized programming environment. GoalsConstructor friendlyAllow the user to pass OSGi services to constructors and store them in final fields. This will in turn allow the core structure of the bundle to be composed only one time rather than be partially created and destroyed as service objects come and go. This makes it possible to combine Gyroscope with Guice or PicoContaine

A-blister - Android application helping user not to forget to take his medicines.

SummaryBlister is an Android application that regularly notifies user when it's time to take his pills. It's possible to edit notification options for several medicines independently. ScreenshotsYou can click at the image to enlarge it. Where to getYou can download Blister at Android Market Project TeamDevelopers: Alexander Chernoukhov, Eldar Garifullin Tech Writers: Daniil Mishenin, Ruslan Zaidullin Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Department of Innovations and High Technologies

2pir - Code, physical design information and documentation to drive a 2piR fire art installation

2πr. Two concentric rings. The inner ring detects movement and translates it into fire exploding up from the ground on the outer ring. Presented without any visible theme, it is a blank slate for the user to perform upon. It seems to lend itself to thoughts of magic, though it could just as easily be seen as a tool for a performer, a conductor’s orchestra, or any number of other interpretations. 2πr is a blisteringly interactive large-scale fire toy. It is a central stage surrounded by a lar

Corvette-tl - Small, fast tray based program launcher for Windows

Summary: Corvette-TL is a small, fast tray based program launcher for Windows. It comes set up with links to some of the W7 apps and folders, but can be used on Vista & XP. It is written in PureBasic? and based on another project uStart, on which development stopped in 2007. Background: I had used another launcher (pStart) for my own projects but found it frustratingly slow at first and in desperation I went searching for somehing else. As chance would have it I found a launcher called uStart wr

Blisters-Dice-Game - A ECMAScript version of a dice game called blisters

A ECMAScript version of a dice game called blisters

assetpipeline-talk - An ugly yet blisteringly fast lightning talk.

An ugly yet blisteringly fast lightning talk.