BL!P: BLAST in Pivot

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This website and code base is no longer maintained. Please visit our new home on GitHub at



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Gkmio2009 - BLOP - BLIP clone in PHP

Project aims to create a BLIP and Twitter clone in PHP.

Blip-o-centric - Blip z innej perspektywy

nakladka na blipa korzystajaca z blip.api

Blip-php - PHP class

Blip-PHPBlip-PHP is a tiny PHP library meant to make accessing's REST API easier. It was conceived by Almog Baku and is maintained in part by Kelly Sutton. Get ItDownload From here Source CodeTo grab the code, just enter svn checkout blip-php-read-onlyin your favorite shell. Example<?phpinclude_once("blipPHP.php");/** Create blipPHP object. **/$blipPHP = new blipPHP("username", "password");/** Upload file **/$respond = $blipPHP->upload("videos/bl

Blipy - Python Api for

Blipy provides Python bindings for Blip's API. Deprecated, use GitHub instead.

Blip-py - A Python module to interact with website api is a polish microblogging service, quite similar to twitter. blip-py is aimed to deliver a clean, easy to use, object-oriented python API to be easy to use in other python projects and applications.

Blipti - BlipTi jest klientem do mikroblogingu w sieci napisanyn w Titanium (Appcelerator)

BlipTi jest klientem do mikroblogingu w sieci napisanyn w Titanium (Appcelerator) Komunikuje siÄ™ z BlipAPI za pomocÄ… pythona Wizualizacja czysty HTML Dynamizmu nadaje jQuery

Blipmaker - BlipMaker

BlipMaker is a feed pusher for wave and Jabber (xmpp). BlipMaker is Yet Another GZRBOT clone.