Blinky - A GTK Network Usage Monitor

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Blinky is a graphical network usage monitor for Linux and Solaris. It displays the usage of one or more network interfaces using blinking lights (as in the dial-up system tray icon in Windows). Blinky uses the GTK+ graphics library.



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Blinky.NET - A blink notifier application whose purpose is to reduce eye strain by reminding you to blink. Navigate to the Downloads link to obtain the binary or to the Source tab to see the code Blinky.NET is based on Matt Smith's blink notifier application. I originally created this to explore C# Windows Forms development and to fix a small bug in Matt Smith's version that occurred when using multiple displays. I haven't used it much, though, because I was able to eliminate the headaches I tho

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Projects and Code from the netsmith wiki and/or blog.Blinky - JAVA 6 project which reminds you to blink based on your activity level (mouse movement) at the computer.

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An open source program that has the data lines connected to the usb port turn on and off at an adjustable frequency.

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The Entropy Worksprojects, typically of a blinky nature, for arduino and other avr platforms. MENEpovA minipov3 built with ultra-violet leds. It has a built-in 5x7 font and room for over 900 characters of display text. When passed over a phosphorescent surface it deposits glowing strings of text which, then, slowly fade away. The firmware provides simple examples of the use a timer interrupt and powersaving features on an attiny2313. Download the code. Cootie Cage A 4x4x4 charlieplexed led cube

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O Jogo: PacMemory é baseado no clássico PacMan, com os 4 famosos fantasmas (blinky,pink,ink,clyde) e a forma labiríntica clássica. Felizmente as semelhanças acabam por aí, quando o jogador após 5 segundos de conforto, descobre que a perspectiva do jogo será em primeira pessoa, e ele não terá mapa geral para lhe auxiliar em sua fuga das assombrações. Então, o usuário verá a necessidade de coletar itens para revelar o mapa, ganhar invencibilidade temporária dentre outras coisas que

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