Blindcaptacha - The creation of captachas for blind people

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The aim of this project is to provide an alternate method of providing traditional CAPTCHAs. Current techniques for the creation of CAPTCHAs are not compatible with the tools, necessary for users with visual impairments to effectively use resources protected by CAPTCHAs. urrent methods of providing CAPTCHAs for the visually impaired use audio versions of the CAPTCHA, this version is susceptible to speach recognition software and as such distorted sounds are added to defeat this type of attack.

The method we propose requires the user to classify images correctly, in-order to verify that they are not an automated spamming program. An example of this process would be for the user to be displayed five images: the sun, a person jumping, Batman, a flower and a pizza. The user will be asked to select the images which describe action, as jumping is an action and Batman is an action film, then these two images would be the correct answer. This method can not be replicated by a computer program, making the complex associations between images and words which is currently not within the capabilities of computers and will remain so for the foreseeable future.



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