Bleeding Edge

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Bleeding Edge is a shell script designed for Mint 32 and 64bit. It assists in the installation of repositories, keys, and software - such as media players, codecs, MS fonts, drivers, etc. It also cleans up the system. VIEW SCREENSHOTS FOR USAGE INSTRUCTIONS



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Kingfisher - Kingfisher a fast, easy to use content management platform

Kingfisher is a fast, easy to admin, easy to extend content management platform for any site. Written in PHP, Kingfisher can adapt to any database supported by PDO. Please noteKingfisher is undergoing a complete re-write. For the most recent stable version, please continue to checkout/update on the branches/1.0.0 version in the repository. The bleeding-edge code will remain in the trunk.

Thebigpicture - All Python Exif/IPTC reader and writer for JPEG en TIFF files

The Big PictureThe Big Picture is an early attempt for a Python library to read and write Exif and IPTC metadata from and to JPEG and TIFF files. It is in a very early stage. This library is fallout from the Happy Camel project, a tool to correlate GPS data with digital photo's. StatusCurrently, The Big Picture is in a alpha stage, which basically means that I have succesfully used it on a few example pictures. There is a first alpha release, and the bleeding-edge code is in Subversion. There is

Wt-commons - A commons for reusable WindowTester components

The WindowTester (WT) Commons Project provides a set of common elements for use in Eclipse/RCP application testing. The WT Commons project is composed of four parts: Snippets - small, stand-alone pieces of code that demonstrate discrete bits of functionality. Samples - more involved examples that have more dependencies and tend to explore broader themes. Helpers - reusable test components that can be used to build test scenarios. Incubator - an incubator for WT experiments and features in progre

Cerebra - a portable engine for abstract neural network development via natural-language programming

introCerebra is an engine for developing artificial logic networks and processing them using rules given by natural language. Employing bleeding-edge research in quantum logic (see e.g. this paper ), and optimized using mesh refinement within the spectral Julia set representing chaotic dynamics, it calculates probabilities of a massive field, rather than of single elements, subsequently applying an eigenstate method to interpret abstract, stropped compositions of grammatical elements given a use

Parchment - Web Interactive Fiction interpreter

Parchment is a web interactive fiction interpreter powered by the Gnusto and Quixe engines. Using bleeding-edge Javascript technologies it aims to be a high-performance site that you'll love sharing with your friends! Particular areas of interest for the project include: Typography. This is a significant part of experiencing any work of fiction, interactive or not. HTML and CSS easily provide far more flexibility in this realm than any desktop technology, which makes the web a natural fit for a

Iwl - A widget library for the web

IWL: a perl widget library for rapid RIA development The initial goal behind the development of IWL was to reduce the HTML strings inside Perl code. With time however, the library has grown beyond that goal, and now provides a Perl interface to the excellent Prototype JS library, full remote process communication via AJAX, and a complete set of graphical user interface widgets via an API similar to that of Gtk+. IWL in the GithubThe IWL source has moved in the Github. As a result, the Google Cod

Rfcmail - Experimental Internet Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) Toolkit

RFCMail is a collection of Perl modules which can be used to implement a number of mail-related things, such as SMTP honeypots for spam analysis. Its core business is that of an MTA, so most of the modules relate to SMTP in some way. It does not major in message text handling or message store (mailbox) management. The author has chosen to re-implement the core SMTP functionality, rather than re-use existing implementations, so as to allow much greater flexibility in how SMTP is handled. At this

Osrose - OSRose

An open source implementation of the ROSE (Rush On Seven Episode) Server. Anything posted here is the latest, bleeding-edge release, it is not stable, and should not be used by anyone other than devs. is a technology testbed disguised as an authoring aid for novelists has a twofold purpose. Its primary intent is to aid novelists by helping them track their writing progress. Its secondary intent is to serve as a technology testbed for bleeding-edge software.

intellij-rust - Rust IDE built using the IntelliJ Platform

This is experimental implementation targeting bleeding-edge version of Rust language and (as may be assumed reasonably enough) may be highly unstable just yet.