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Blaze is an application launcher that distinguishes from amongst the others by being able to automate recurrent tasks performed in the file-system or even any application on Microsoft Windows.



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Flex-training - A Course Designed for Learners with Diversified Background

Welcome to Flex for Java developers - Dec 08-10, 2008 at IBM Shanghai 欢迎访问Flex培训@IBM中国上海 Instructor 讲师: Jack Li (profile) - Flex Builder/Eclipse projects and source code used in this training can be checked out from - Browse the source code online at - PPT presentation can be found under the "Downloads" tab. - You are welcome to post your questions under the "Issues"

Nerdy - Nerdy Media Centre (Center) is a VLC Based Media Centre

Nerdy is not yet stable for every day use What is Nerdy?Nerdy is an ultra light, ultra fast Media CentrE (Center) born from VLC ActiveX with a soft interface, NerdyMCE. Nerdy is built for Windows XP and Windows 7 32 bit. (x64 support coming) Nerdy utilizes VLC ActiveX integration for blazing performance when compared to alternative Media Center software. Why Nerdy?Boxee, XBMC, WinMCE2005, Win7MC, MediaPortal, Media Center, and every StandAlone Player.... The list goes on and on. Everyone has a d

Los-lib - the Los Object-oriented Set C++ library

概è¦� Los 对象集å�ˆåº“ 0.46Los 对象集å�ˆåº“æ��供一组 Windows 应用程åº�å¼€å�‘所需的对象化类型。 该库é�µå¾ª GNU LGPL LICENSE Ver.3. 以进行分å�‘。 该库具有进化的消æ�¯æ˜ å°„ã€�命令映射ã€�多线程等模型。它的程åº�设计界é�¢ç›¸å½“清晰,任何人å�¯ä»¥ç«‹å�³ä½¿ç”¨å®ƒæ�¥å¼€å�‘高效的 Windows 应用程åº�。 los::blaze å­�库支æŒ� 3D 渲染,具有一个简易的 GDI 渲染器以å�Šç�µæ´»çš„ Direct3D 渲染器,支æŒ�场景管ç�†ï¼Œç²¾ç¡®ç¢°æ’žæ£

Scribblings-by-apoch - Random code and demo projects by Apoch

Scribblings by ApochThis is my public scratch pad for various thoughts, ideas, tools, utilities, code samples, and other random accumulated goodies. All of my code is provided free of charge and free for any usage via the New BSD License. Each project contains an accompanying License.txt which sets forth the terms of the license in legalese, so you can show your lawyers if you really want to. What's Here?Over time, I'll continually post stuff here that I find handy or cool, or that I want to use


Allow Blaze ( to host ironpython plugins