BLAcklist Manager

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This project builds a standalone solution for blacklist management, targeted on different blogging solutions. Its purpose is to support the fight against blog comment spams.



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Haloforge - Forge for Halo: Custom Edition

Forge CE is a re-creation of Forge from Halo 3 and Forge World from Halo: Reach into Halo: Custom Edition for the Windows platform. The code behind Forge CE is built off of OpenSauce, an open source Blam engine modification produced by Kornner Studios.

Mashup-richardgroh-blam - Blam

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Project Unity

Research and EUA, spamming across the Halo-AA and Blam Game Engines, developed by Bungie LLC. This Project is NOT endorsed/supported by Bungie, Gearbox, Microsogy Game Studios In any way.


Project Liberty, is an Open-Source Gamesave editor for the Halo: Reach Game Engine (Halo-AA, a derivative of the Blam! engine's) as well as for Halo: CEX. Designed to make modding gamesaves; easy, fast and importantly.. Cheap.


A free and OpenSource .NET library for 'hacking' the Blam! game engine's XBox container files.

Open-sauce - Collection of projects aimed at modification of the various Blam engines, their tools,

SummaryHalo1_CE DemosHalo Wars DemosStatsHow to contribute SummaryOpenSauce for HaloCE, V3.0.3, Released! (only supports v1.09 of HaloCE) OpenSauce for Halo2_Xbox: Under development "OpenSauce" is a collection of projects (both C++ and .NET based) produced by Kornner Studios that have been used in development of Project "Yelo". These releases were built from the ground up, with open source in mind, so their code may or may not reflect the original codebase from which they were derived from due t

Cpa-stats-monitor - This desktop app provides a syndicated real-time panel of statistics from any CP

CPA Stats MonitorThis desktop app provides a syndicated real-time panel of statistics from any CPA network. Download Source Code (latest changes) Requires .NET Framework 4.0 (Network names made anonymous for endorsement purposes) FeaturesSet refresh interval from 1 to 40 minutes Sound notification for revenue increase Displays the day's current: Revenue Clicks EPC PluginsPlugins currently exist for the following CPA networks: BLAM Ads

Blam32le - bl0b's live audio & music

Built upon Dimpaw, this project aims at offering many basic modules to create virtual synthetizers and a powerful scripting and programming front-end for both synths and music using tinyaml. Currently only for 32bit little endian POSIX architectures featuring a Jack server. This project is currently in early alpha version, ie you may just bookmark this page, forget about it, and check back in a few weeks/months.

fc - blam blam diggy dam

blam blam diggy dam