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Blaise is an open-source object-oriented scripting language. Language features: Object-oriented. Unicode support. Optional typing, ie dynamic or static typing. Richly typed. Higher-level mathematics support, for example Complex numbers, Rational numbers and Matrices. Virtual Machine architecture. Co-routines. Familiar language syntax, influenced by Object Pascal, Python and Ada.



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Blaisemath - mathematics library with visualizations

Blaise is a collection of Java libraries for visualizing and exploring mathematics. See for several sample mathlets created using the package. To download the source code and get started working with the code, see GettingStarted. Core Librariessource code under trunk/ BlaiseGraphics: graphics utility library for creating custom interactive graphics on a JComponent (JDK 1.5+, no dependencies) BlaiseParser: parsing engine (JDK 1.5+, no dependen

Cutthroat - cut throat coding : no nonsense, no frills coding (less is more!)

Cut throat programmers are no-nonsense, no-frills programmers, hacking back their code- looking for the 20% of the code that handles 80% of the problems. Our hero is Blaise Pascal who once wrote: "I have made this letter longer since I did not have time to make it shorter". Here, we take the time to "make it shorter". We seek the smallest scripts based on the simplest tools that handle interesting tasks.

Blaisegraphexplorer - Library and software for visualization of graphs and networks

For UsersTo get started using the GraphExplorer application: Download the latest release (under downloads at left). The .exe works on windows platforms, and the .jar is an executable that works on all platforms. Double-click the .exe or .jar file to run the application. Select File>>New... to generate a graph and test the software... or Take a look at descriptions of supported GraphFileFormats to see if it will work with your data and select File>>Open... to load it. See the Getting Started Guid

blaise-interpreter - An interpreter for the Blaise scripting language

An interpreter for the Blaise scripting language


A tool to convert Blaise to Java

dime-shs-blaise - a minimal css / js suite for blaise page, jquery-mobile based

a minimal css / js suite for blaise page, jquery-mobile based


"I have made this longer than usual because I have not had time to make it shorter." - Blaise Pascal

freepascal-closures - fork from

fork from


A customizable Spout GUI for SpoutPlugin