Blackbird Environment

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Blackbird is a scalable and asynchronous emulator written for the FUSE protocol, as used by Habbo Hotel.



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Python framework for asynchronous, concurrent, distributed programming


Python framework for distributed and parallel computing


HeXHub is an IOCP-based file-sharing hub and web server with anti-flood protection, built-in firewall designed to filter DDoS, and to prevent most common forms of DoS currently used against hubs, anti-spam protection, content filtering and more.

Winsock2 IOCP channel driver for Tcl

A custom channel driver for Tcl using overlapped I/O with completion ports (WinNT only).

Iocpframework - IOCP Socket File Comm Pipe

IOCP Framework �常方便扩展�维护,而且�易�用。

Asyncake - improve asyncore for epoll, kqueue and iocp

add epoll, kqueue ,iocp support in Python asyncore module. You can run exist code on asyncake that used asyncore.

luminserver is a win32 socket server based on c++.

luminserver is a win32 socket server based on c++.

Blackbirdui - The Blackbird UI is a PHP-driven user interface for data management

Our codebase has been moved to GithubSource code: Documentation: Blackbird is a fully customizable data management system built with the understanding that no two websites are the same, nor are their management needs. Instead of dictating a pre-defined schema for content storage, retrieval and manipulation (as most CMSs on the market do), Blackbird separates content, style and structure to adapt to any number of formats, fro