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Small & Simple conversion utility to convert the EVE-Online binary model description files (*.black) back to human readable format (*.json).



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Silverchart - Silverlight 2 Chart

SilverChart is a chart package implemented in Silverlight 2. It can be integrate in any Web Based application. Data are fed on JavaScript or Http invocation. It make SilverChart compatible with all language. SilverChart accept Json data which is supported by Javascript naturally. Embed SilverChart into web page just like: <script> \tvar Data = { \t\telements:[ \t\t\t{ \t\t\t\ttype:"line", \t\t\t\tlegend_name:"Y=sin(x)", \t\t\t\tdot_fill_color:"dodgerblue", \t\t\t\tline_stroke_color:"powderblue",

Cyanogen-updater - Dedicated to producing an updater for cyanogen&#39;s roms

If you're looking for Themeservers, click here: If you like my work, buy me a beerUSD: EUR: CM-Updater 5.0.1 is outNow with N1 support ;) Update.json is now hosted on github CM-Updater 5.0.0 is outChanged Update Folder so theres only one Directory on SDCard (new: /sdcard/cmupdater/updates) S

Nodegraph-widget - Node Graph Widget for Vaadin Framework 6+

Node Graph Widget Node Graph WidgetWhat is this?GoalsWhat this widget providesWhat it lacksDependenciesExamplesHow to create a new Graph ModelHow to create a new Component InstanceHow to listen for events What is this?It's a UI widget for Vaadin to generate direct connected nodes graphs. GoalsThe intent of this project is: Generate a Widget for easy development of connected node graph models. Provide some layouts to automatic position of the nodes. What this widget providesEasy way to generate a

Scage - Game Engine written in Scala

IMPORTANT NOTE: The project is moved to github: You can find the latest version with lots of api improvements there. Introduction.Scage is a framework to write simple 2D opengl games. It is written in Scala ( and based on several java libraries: phys2d as a physics engine ( lwjgl as an opengl wrapper ( slick as a resource and texture loader ( The main purpose of

Virtual-pbx - XVB - Voice Application Server / HostedIVR solution based on asterisk

Download:Buld 6309 - latest VMWare image with asterisk 1.6 / yandex.disk Documentation ( russian ): User guide (6254) / Admin guide (6202) vmware image 6309 / mirror easy-share build 6057 ( with CentOS 6.2, asterisk 1.8.10, chan_dongle ) !!! Experimental !!! Older builds Main Features: Processing incoming / outgoing calls. Completely isolated environment for different users ( incoming / outgoing routes, dial plan, sip-endpoints, web-interface, cdrs, call-recordings, etc ). Custom greetings suppo

Jsonbot - The JSON Bot

Welcome to JSONBOTJSONBOT is a remote event-driven framework for building bots that talk JSON to each other over XMPP. This distribution provides bots built on this framework for console, IRC, XMPP, Convore and WWW on the shell. the jsb pakage contains the following programs: jsb - console version of jsb jsb-convore - Convore version of jsb jsb-makecert - create keys and certifictes for web console SSL jsb-init - create data directory and config examples, default ~/.jsb jsb-irc - IRC version of