Black Sun, Eclipse plugins.

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A number of plugins for Eclipse that make life easier. Tools includes regex. find and replace, editors for CSharp, LLK, XML, XHTML, HTML, CSS, ... etc.



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Bluesearch - BlueSearch is a finder and linker mobile system about persons and objects identificatio

BlueSearch is a communication system developed in Java, using Microedition version. Bluetooth technology is used to transfer information between mobiles devices to matching profiles. Today, BlueSearch is being developed in anothers platforms too, like BlackBerry and Android (new Google Device Platform). It can be installed and used in any device that implements Sun API JSR-82 to access Bluetooth.


A java-based 3D Visualisation tool for MySQL data logged by snort, for either log analysis or alert monitoring. The program requires an installation of snort+mysql, and works with either the sun or black-down versions of java + java 3D.

Gwt-rolodex - A gwt widget for the animated display of image sets

SummaryThis widget displays a stack of images that you can flick through like a rolodex or a card deck. It uses gwt's deferred binding for the image generation and lightweight animation to create a fast and smooth experience in all supported browsers. Check out the HelpMovieDemo and FlipBookDemo demos. UsageDownload the latest version of this widget and place it within the classpath of your project. Add the following line to your module xml (see an exampleModuleXml <inherits name='

Ig-dark-energy - Theme that is dark *first theme*

This theme will be an energy saving theme. Only the text and the Google logo will shine. The header background will be black, with an immage that blends into the black BG color. Behind the White Google logo on the BG image will be a light shining through effect that will move with the sun according to the day. At night it will glow blue on the bottom, day white/yellow on the top.

Pinxopanxoigoogletheme - Pinxo y Panxo Theme for iGoogle

Pinxo y Panxo Theme for iGoogle The first iGoogle theme starring Pinxo & Panxo in classic Black and White with different customized images representing the different moments of the day in the bottom and top of a mountain with sun, clouds, moon, birds, bats, ghosts, etc... Status of the project

Wlcp - WLCP generates user-customizable lessons by downloading subscription ChinesePod content.

The WLCP (We Love ChinesePod) software aims to make learning Chinese from the ChinesePod website much more effective and efficient by allowing premium content subscribers to easily download lessons for off-line/mobile usage in a user-customizable format. WLCP is implemented as a Python script that downloads ChinesePod lesson data and stores it in XML and MP3 format; XSLT and CSS stylesheets then allow for transparent, user-customizable rendering of the lessons. NewsSeptember 12, 2009 Version 200

Rvr-stats-tab - Addon Warhammer Online

About RvR Stats TabThis addon is inspirated of rvrstats addon. It adds an RvR tab to the window's character that displays : Lifetime Kills and session Kills Lifetime Deathblows Lifetime Deaths Kill/Death Ratio Deathblow/Death Ratio Tome-recorded kills of opposing classes, including Black Guard, Knignt of the Blazing Sun, Slayer and Choppa. Classes's names are directly displayed since tome of knowledge and they are in local languages. All other text are in localized languages's files, but only th

Madface-revamp - Mods and Toolkits Created for Supreme Commander 2 and the Revamp Expansion Mod

Mods and toolkits created for Supreme Commander 2 and the Revamp Expansion Mod. The files made available for download at are under the license as set out below in the corresponding and respective sections. The Revamp Expansion Mod itself is not governed by nor is it within the ambit of any licenses associated with mods and programs made available through Each mod is made to work with the mod manager (

Lcdmiscellany - LCD Miscellany: Logitech LCD scripting engine

LCD Miscellany is a tool allowing one to write scripts to display stuff on Logitech LCD displays. It currently supports both the 160 by 43 black and white displays and the 320 by 240 color displays. It communicates to both via Logitech's SDK, and, when Logitech's software isn't running, can also communicate to the 160 by 43 displays on most devices directly. Can also draw icons to be displayed on the system tray and set the state of the backlight on G15 and G19 keyboards. It also supports dll pl

Pangu08 - A pervasive computing platform based on semanticized services and closed components.

"In the beginning, the heavens and earth were still one and all was chaos. The universe was like a big black egg, carrying Pan Gu inside itself. After 18 thousand years Pan Gu woke from a long sleep. He felt suffocated, so he took up a broadaxe and wielded it with all his might to crack open the egg. The light, clear part of it floated up and formed the heavens, the cold, turbid matter stayed below to form earth. Pan Gu stood in the middle, his head touching the sky, his feet planted on the eart