Battle Just Started

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Arcade tank battle in 3D. With multiplayer network support.



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The project is dedicated to providing a free management application for the German Federal Youth Games.

Gvtooltip - Custom Tooltips for Google Visualization API

NOTICEIt appears that Google has updated their Google Charts API. This is causing gvTooltip to not function properly. I'm working on a fix; should be available soon. gvTooltip 1.0 – DEMOA custom tooltip script for Google Visualization chartsThis script replaces the default GV tooltip with a customizable tooltip. It is styled completely in CSS and so can be easily changed. Currently works on the following GV Line Chart Bar Chart Column Chart Area Chart Pie Chart USE1. Include jQuery, gvTooltip.


B(ettrer) js framework

b.js - amd instant build server

amd instant build server


ABL (pronounced \\??-b?l\\) is A Better Loader for EcmaScript/JavaScript. It loads JavaScript in the most efficient, non-blocking way possible, and allows for dependency management (A.js depends on B.js, B.js depends on D.js, D.js depends on C.js) and allows for code that executes document.write to inject scripts.