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A set of FxCop rules for enforcing coding standards on BizTalk projects. First release includes configurable naming rules based on Scott Colestock's published conventions.



Related Projects

Tyng-rules - FxCop Rule Library

Additional FxCop rules including Windows Forms analysis.

Lephone FxCop Rules

Lephone FxCop Rules is the custom rules for FxCop. For now it includes 2 rules: function should less than limited lines and file should less than limited lines.

FreeToDev MSBuild Tasks Suite

Welcome to the FreeToDev MSBuild Tasks Suite. Here you will find a collection of MSBuild tasks dedicated to the .Net 3.5 Framework. The Suite provides over 170 tasks covering the .Net Framework, BizTalk, FxCop, IIS7, SourceSafe, StyleCop, Team Foundation Server, WMI and more....

FxCop Delta

A custom check-in policy for Visual Studio Team System that runs FxCop rules before performing a check-in. FxCop Delta differs from the normal static analysis policy by running FxCop only on the code that changed since checking out, thus eliminating tens or hundreds of static ...

Findbugs-fxcop - FxCop module to look for coding mistakes, inspired by work on the FindBugs project

This project will produce custom rules for FxCop, that will look for coding mistakes similar to those found by FindBugs, such as infinite recursive loops and ignored return values.

Biztalk assembly version updater

*Biztalk buid helper * Biztalk buid helper is a command line tool . It increments the version numbers of all btproj's in the visual studio solution(2005). eg usage : c:>BiztalkBuildHelper.exe <solutionname.sln> <newversion>

BizTalk OM

Object Model used for the BizTalk Orchestration Profiler and Documenter

FinlogiK Statistics Collector for FxCop

The FinlogiK statistics collector tool for FxCop is intended to help development teams to track the progress of an FxCop backlog cleanup effort. It is capable of counting total remaining and TODO rule violations in an FxCop 1.35 project.

BizTalk Functoïds

The place to find a lot of useful functoïds for BizTalk Server.

BizTalk Software Factory

v1.7 - BizTalk Server 2006 solutions v2.1 - BizTalk Server 2009 solutions v3.0 - BizTalk Server 2010 solutions v4.0 - BizTalk Server 2013 solutions