go-notify - a Go package to observe notable events in a decoupled fashion

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a Go package to observe notable events in a decoupled fashion




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Propfu - INotifyPropertyChanged Minus the Pain

PropFuPropFu is a plugin for PostSharp that eliminates the mind numbing and somewhat risky repetition of declaring properties that support INotifyPropertyChanged. If you work with WPF, or WinForms you know how painful this can be. With this simple plugin to the PostSharp aspect library all of your properties can magically be turned into automatic properties without a backing field, and all of your properties will call a method of your choosing to fire the PropertyChanged event. All you need to d

Djangobot - The #django IRC Bot

#django DjangoBotThe #django IRC channel has bot that aides everyone with some pretty basic tasks. It takes the identify of the nickname DjangoBot. It is currently written using the Twisted networking library. It is written and maintained by Brian Rosner. FeaturesThe help commandThere is now a help command that gives you help. You can pass in the name of other commands to get their help. /msg DjangoBot help who<DjangoBot> who <nickname> [<nickname> ...]<DjangoBot> Sends back the real name, locat

Js-concurrency - Little framework for handling JavaScript workers

What are we talking about?js-concurrency is a simple framework for handling JavaScript workers. Workers are the JavaScript way of making multi-threaded applications. A worker is basically a chunk of code that is executed in a thread which is independent from the UI's one and which can post messages to the UI when it has something to notify it of. This allows resource-intensive calculations to be carried out without freezing the UI. This little tiny framework represents a layer of abstraction on

Arcwelder - Techniques and software to get remote root access on the Archos 605 wifi personal media

UPDATEGFT technique works on Archos 604, 605, and 705 wifi models You can download a kitchen sink rootfs build (everything I could get to compile out of the Archos GPL tarball out of the box) from http://www.remix.net/archos/ax605_rootfs.tar.bz2 You can enable scp/sftp by either fixing the config to reference sftp/ssh from /tmp/ssh, or just hex edit the defaults in sshd. I haven't made this change in arcwelder-1.0.zip, this change will be made and a new archive will be uploaded (soon?). WARNINGT

Bckp - Simple backup utility

09/07/2007 by Krzysztof G. TODO List: Add list of all the files inside the backup directory, which will be easily searchable, list in the form of text file will be included in root of the backup directory. Add script to automate the whole process (including burning the CD/DVD) using anacron/cron functionality. Add notification capability which informs the user of scanning performed and alerts when the backup exceeds preferred value in MB. Possibly more to come... 09/07/2007 by Krzysztof G. Simpl