file2http - spray a line-oriented file at an HTTP endpoint

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spray a line-oriented file at an HTTP endpoint



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aria2 - CLI Metalink/BitTorrent client

aria2 is a multi-protocol amp; multi-source, cross platform download utility. The supported protocols are HTTP(S), FTP, BitTorrent, Metalink. It can download a file from multiple sources/protocols and tries to utilize your maximum download bandwidth.


Shareaza is a very powerful multi-network peer-to-peer ( P2P ) file-sharing client supporting Gnutellasup2; ( G2 ), Gnutella ( G1 ), eDonkey2000 ( eMule ), DC++, HTTP, FTP and BitTorrent / DHT protocols for Windows or Wine.


Quazaa is a cross platform multi-network peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing client inspired by Shareaza which will support Gnutella2, Ares, eDonkey2000 (eMule), HTTP, FTP, and BitTorrent. Using the Qt software development kit

Metalink - Metalink parser implementation in Java

Metalink is open standard file format for programs that download, including download managers, BitTorrent clients, Web browsers, FTP clients, and P2P programs. It stores the multiple download locations for a file (FTP/HTTP/P2P) in a single metafile with the extension .metalink. This provides reliability in case one method fails. For fast Internet connections, it also speeds up the process by allowing chunks/segments of each file to be downloaded from multiple resources at the same time (segmente

Torrent-server - Serve large files or many files via HTTP or BitTorrent "webseed" protocol

What is it?torrent-server is a BitTorrent file server implemented as a Google AppEngine application. Arbitrarily large files are stored in the AppEngine datastore using a command-line tool (, and can be downloaded using either a normal web browser (if the file is smaller than the 10 megabyte appengine HTTP GET limit) or a BitTorrent client that supports either the "hoffman" or "getright" webseed extensions. This code should be useful to Google AppEngine developers who need to s

Metalink-library - Metalink Library for PHP and Python

A script based library to create and manage Metalink download files, which contain HTTP, FTP, rsync and P2P download links for single or multiple download files. In addition, single-file BitTorrent files can be generated as well as imported. The Python version is generally faster than the PHP version, especially for large files. But both versions offer exactly the same functionality, except for 32-bit limitations of PHP resulting in wrong <size> tags after scanning files bigger than 2 GB, which

Umfpackpy - UMFPACK library for python

Compiling UMFPACK on windows is a bit nightmarish, And to use it with python is beyond the grasp of many. So here is a little effort to provide the users with a python library of UMFPACK. Pre-requisites: 1. python 2.7 ( 2. mysysgit ( 3. setuptools ( Installation instructions: 1. Download and Extract the to your convenient location in Hard disk, Lets assume it's extracted in C:/. Now

Net-bittorrent - Perl + BitTorrent = ♥

Net::BitTorrent brings BitTorrent to Perl. Bet::BitTorrent is available via CPAN. News(Apr. 24th, 2009) URL shakeup; Spring 2009 Edition. Issue/Bug tracking has been moved to GitHub: Live support is now available via IRC on both freenode and the p2p network. Join irc:// or irc:// (Jan. 26th, 2009) URL shakeup. Development has been moved to GitHub; the repository is now at http://gith

Xfiledialog - A native Windows filedialog for Java/Swing applications XFileDialog is a Java wrapper class built upon Windows CFileDialog/IFileDialog and JNI. With xfiledialog, a Java Swing app can easily access several frequently-used functions of Windows native Filedialog (multi-selection, thumbnail view-mode, folder-selection). On other platforms (MAC, LINUX) or DLL loading failure, XFileDialog will switch back to JFileChooser automatically. Stable: 0.63 The native C code was co

Cyipopt - Python wrapper for the Ipopt optimization package, written in Cython.

IntroductionIpopt (Interior Point OPTimizer, pronounced eye-pea-Opt) is a software package for large-scale nonlinear optimization. cyipopt is a python wrapper around Ipopt. It enables using Ipopt from the comfort of the great Python scripting language. cyipopt is similar to pyipopt ( but is written in Cython. This, IMHO, makes it much easier to develop and maintain. Ipopt is available from the COIN-OR initiative (, under the Ec