data_hacks - Command line utilities for data analysis

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Command line utilities for data analysis



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Javasnoop - A tool that lets you intercept methods, alter data and otherwise hack Java applications

Normally, without access to the original source code, testing the security of a Java client is unpredictable at best and unrealistic at worst. With access the original source, you can run a simple Java program and attach a debugger to it remotely, stepping through code and changing variables where needed. Doing the same with an applet is a little bit more difficult. Unfortunately, real-life scenarios don't offer you this option, anyway. Compilation and decompilation of Java are not really as det

Overwatch - yet another log aggregating and monitoring system

What's this?An administator's dashboard to everything interesting in their network, because sometimes Nagios is a bit too complex. More technically, it sucks. Main points we stand for: Log data is assumed to be valuable (after it goes through the filter) until administrator decides to purge it. So log data replication, command verification and priviledge separation, all going over secured connection, are just absolute minimum. Watchdogs should always be running on the host being monitored (if it

Forklabs-javaxpcom - The skeleton of a SWT Mozilla web crawler

forklabs >> forklabs-javaxpcom The forklabs-javaxpcom open source project provides the skeleton to build a web crawler using Mozilla and SWT. IntroductionGetting StartedDOM InteractionDownloadDependenciesCompatibilityAcknowledgement IntroductionThe Crawler is designed to painlessly navigate to web pages and wait for them to load and to give access to the underlying document using JavaXPCOM. The source code includes an example Crawler that will come to this page and read the label on each of the

Joleblog - Simple blogging system based on flat files

joleblog is a multi-user PHP-based flat-file blogging system that is quick, easy to setup, and quick to deploy using any template. UPDATE (Sept 19): joleblog development has been suspended. (Note: not abandoned) I have been very busy lately, but as things slow down a bit, it's possible that updates would be available, but joleblog's usage is currently under question, and may be abandoned. Stay tuned! Info about this non-release: Most of the result pages are just print outs of arrays, so beware,

Php-bloom-filter - a simple bloom filter implementation in PHP

INTRODUCTIONThis is a simple class which implements bloom filter in PHP. It is probably not useful for any particular purpose out-of-the-box because it does not deal with storage issues. Feel free to hack it to suit your needs or drop a ticket if you need a specific feature. A Bloom filter is a simple space-efficient randomized data structure for representing a set in order to support membership queries. Bloom filters have a great deal of potential for distributed protocols where systems need to

Ulib - Lightweight and efficient C/C++ programming library.

Why ULIB?ULIB is a lightweight library of useful toolkit for C/C++ programming. Compared with STL, most components of ULIB provide better efficiency and are thereby good alternatives for high-performance applications. NewsMay 11th. 2012, 1.1.1 stable is released. Some improvements on align_hash_map for small maps. Hash performance tests are added. ComponentsCurrently, it includes: A simple doubly linked list, this can also be used as queue and stack. An efficient hashing scheme - alignhash, both

Notessad22 - notesq

For startes, we're going to have to find a way to run homebrew. To do this, we're going to install the Homebrew Channel. What's amazing is that it only takes up 11 blocks on your Wii. You're going to need a copy of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and the right save file for your region. Then, after you have downloaded the save file, play the game once to create a save file on your Wii. After that, you can follow these steps: 1)Delete the save file that was just created under Wii Setting's 'Data Manage

Wbadmin - Admininistration software based on the Kohana framework

WB_AdminWB_Admin is an administration software based on the excellent Kohana php framework. It's not a CMS, it will never help you create a new frontend for your website, but it's purpose is to let you create backends a database using applications faster than ever. ChangeLog Main features:Yaml files are used to create readabity and flexibility when creating pretty much everything It inherits a lot of stuff from the CodeIgniter administration system called CodeExtinguisher (aka Codex) This also m

Nest-js - Nest.js - nested structures construction library

Nest.js - Nested structures construction libraryNest.js is a client - side JavaScript micro framework that uses JavaScript syntax to create nested structures. With this framework you can construct HTML or XML in very beautiful and clean way. Design class definitions, inheritance trees and etc. Important note: All the examples on this page are related with Nest.js version 1.0 (see tagged revision in svn).Introducing Nest.js Designing custom constructors with Nest.js Create a skeleton for your con

Bananafone - This is an implementation of a steganographic encoding scheme which transforms a stream

#!/usr/bin/env python # -- coding: utf-8 -- r""" Reverse Hash Encoding TLDR: SSH over Markov chains The encoder is given a word size (number of bits), a tokenization function (eg, split text on whitespace), a hash function (eg, sha1), a corpus, and a modeling function (eg, a markov model, or a weighted random model). The range of the hash function is truncated to the word size. The model is built by tokenizing the corpus and hashing each token with the truncated hash function. For the model to b