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Phonelikenotifier - Omnibar extensions for Google Chrome

The AIM of this project is create little and useful Chrome's extensions located at the Omnibar (the address bar) in order to minimize the number of extension buttons located at the browser and kept Chrome as minimalist at it was designed first. - Share on Facebook from Omnibar: that's the first extension we did. It was created as training extension (but useful). It has been installed 117 times in the first week. You can install it by visiting:

Doi-resolver - DOI Resolver Chrome Extension

Quickly resolve DOI (digital object identifier) codes to their web destinations. Get the Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store Resolve DOI and ShortDOI codes through: Extension button Right-click on selected text (optional setting) Omnibox with keyword: doi Omnibox usage: Type doi and hit the space key. Now you can input a DOI code and hit enter to retrieve the web destination. Additional features: Generate QR codes which can be scanned by smart phones to share a publication Developer tools

Bitlet-extras - Extras for BitLet

At the moment, this includes the BitLet4Chrome extension Note: the source code repository has been moved to github:

Stringencoders - A collection of high performance c-string transformations

A collection of high performance c-string transformations, frequently 2x faster than standard implementations (if they exist at all). including base64, standard base64, web/url safe, with configurable alphabet base85 (good for http cookies) base16 (hex) base2 (ascii binary) url escaping javascript string escaping fast number to string conversion, 4-22x faster than sprintf! fast ascii upper/lower case conversion, 2-66x faster than stdlib! (yes, 66x faster) And it's all wrapped up in a bow for you

Quefast - QueFast Extension.

# Introducción al proyecto IntroducciónDetectada la necesidad de acceder de forma rápida a la aplicación Oficina Virtual, se ha desarrollado QueFast, una extensión para múltiples navegadores. Entre las diferentes funcionalidades de la aplicación a las que da acceso inmediato se encuentran el apartado de noticias, la información relativa a los usuarios de la propia aplicación y la posibilidad de añadir lo que están haciendo los usuarios en cada momento mediante la herramienta de microb

Ff3sudoku - Firefox 3 SUDOKU Extension

An extension for Firefox 3+ offering decent playing interface and detects SUDOKUs on various websites. You can try an on-line version, which works in Firefox 3+ and Google Chrome. The firefox extension is a bit more featureful though.

Revolver-chrome-extensions - Chrome extensions for automating screens using Google Chrome.

Install these Chrome Extensions from the Extensions Gallery here: Revolver Chrome Extensionsby Ben Hedrington These extensions were created for using Google Chrome full-screen to power unattended screens like kiosks or tv displays where rotating dynamic/live web content is needed. Revolver - Tabs ( takes your current open tabs and rotates between each of them pausing for as many seconds as you like and continuing until

Urlshortener - A Chrome extensions which allows to shorten the current URL with one click

Shorten URLs and copy to clipboard or post to twitter directly.,,, Twitter,, and others. URLShortener is an extension for Google Chrome / Chromium which allows you to shorten the current website URL and makes it easy to post to Twitter and also copy to clipboard. How to use: Go to the options page you can choose which URL shortener services you would like to use, e.g. BitLy needs you user name and API Key in order to work properly. It also has an option t

Longurlforsafari - LongURL for Safari

A Safari Extension to automatically translate short URLs (,, etc.) to reveal and link directly to the target page. You can use a tooltip to reveal details about the target page and automatically replace the link, completely bypassing the URL shortening service. Install the extension For use information, see the Preferences page. For a list of sites on which the extension is disabled, see BlockedSites. This extension uses the API to perform the lookup, thus it suppor

Simple-get - Simple Get

Simple Get is an extension for Chromium based web browser. It calls you preferred download manager passing an URL. Supports the download of a single link (Download Link) or all links at the page (Download All). Now supports Linux and Windows. Check it out! Simple Get 2.32011-04-02 ADDED: 64-bit Linux support. Simple Get 2.22011-03-17 FIXED: DLL size. Simple Get 2.12011-03-15 FIXED: Windows integration. Simple Get 2.02011-03-13 FIXED: Thread frozen when starting a new download. FIXED: Undefined v