bitly-api-python - python library to the bitly api

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python library to the bitly api



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Python Bitly - A python wrapper around the API

A python wrapper around the API. allows users to shorten, share, and track links (URLs). Reducing the URL length makes sharing easier. Bitly exposes a web services API and this library is intended to make it even easier for python programmers to use.

Metakit - embedded database library with small footprint

Metakit is an embedded database library with a small footprint. It fills the gap between flat-file, relational, object-oriented, and tree-structured databases, supporting relational joins, serialization, nested structures, and instant schema evolution

Py-transmission - A Python API for the Transmission Bit TorrentClient

The Python Transmission Client module is a Python API for the Transmission Bit TorrentClient. For more information please refer to the ReadMe.

Google-buzz-twitter-bot - A small python script which uses the Google Buzz API's Atom feed to po

I've written a python script to grab your Google Buzz feed (as detailed in the Buzz API), and automatically post your Buzz-es to Twitter. It includes a link back to the original Buzz URL (shortened with It also uses a local sqlite database to store previous posts, and print statistics for your published links. You'll need to have python installed, and the following modules: python-twitter python-bitly python-sqlite feedparser You'll also need a free account at Twitter and,

Gtk-bitly-url-manager - Manejador de urls para el servicio de

GTK+ URLs Manager es un proyecto desarrollado en Python/GTK+ ampliamente localizable. Su funcionalidad es la de enmascarar/expandir URLs a través del servicio ofrecido por el sitio y copiarlas al portapapeles luego de ser procesadas. Para la conexión al API de utiliza la librería python-bitly; proyecto ubicado en Además de la versión GTK este proyecto cuenta con una versión de líneas de comandos ..$ python # Version GTK

Simple-python-gdata - A simplified way to access the Google Data APIs through the python language.

Simpler is BetterI found that the Google Data API python client library was a bit cumbersome and evil, so I have simplified it into an easier-to-use python library.

Joptionparser - simple api makes you parse programme options more easily

when using python Option Parser API, I feel really convenient, but when it comes to java, there's no suitable simple API for me. Apache command line parser seems a little bit complicated to use. So here comes this simple JOptionParser API, hopes you find it useful for you too. Usage check this wiki: HowToUseThisSimpleAPI

Anplurkapi - Plurk API for Java

When I try to develop a Plurk client for android platform, I am surprised there is no Plurk APIs available for Java developers. You can find many APIs for Perl, PHP, C#, Python.... but simply not for Java. So I decide to a little bit postpone the android Plurk client development, instead, start from Plurk API for Java! If you have any problem, welcome to my plurk ( to discuss with me.

Wave-robot-net-client - .NET API for robots for Google Wave

Google Wave is a new collaborative tool with a rich extensibility story. Google is providing APIs for Python and Java to build "robots" - this project will provide an equivalent API so that robots can be built and hosted in .NET. This project is in a very early stage of development at the moment - there aren't nearly as many unit tests as I'd like, and there's no documentation. However, it is capable of hosting a working robot, with a bit of effort. The wire protocol is likely to change fairly s

Mbxap - High level binding for Xapian's Python/SWIG binding

This provides a wrapper around the standard Python/SWIG binding for Xapian. It provides a little bit of metaclass magic to make the API a little more friendly to use. Most of the built-in Xapian search operators are supported as well as extensions such as numeric range searching. There is full support for stemming and user modified weights per token in a document. There is also support for the notion of sections within a document so that colocated terms will have higher weight. The initial deplo