assetman - Assetman burns countless cycles and makes your deploys take forever

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Assetman can be used by grouping your static assets into "assetblocks" to be compiled together. These asset blocks look like this: {% apply assetman.include_js %} path/to/utils.js path/to/lib.js path/to/main.js {% end %}The given paths are relative to the `static_url_prefix` setting. There arecomparable `include_css` and `include_less` helpers available in every template. There is no limit on the number of assetman blocks that can be included in a template.When a template with asset blocks is rendered, Assetman decides what staticincludes to render in the template.Assetman also provides a replacement for the built in tornado `static_url` helper that is used the same way: {{ assetman.static_url('path/to/asset.jpg') }}If you use the built in `static_url` function, an error will be raised.



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