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A high-performance .NET library for developing applications that use the Bitbucket service.



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REST in Py

Rest-in-py project has been moved to BitBucket REST in PY ia a Python library to ease the publication of REST-style web services in Django applications, specially (but not exclusively) those using the Django Model framework.

Radio Tray

Radio Tray is a streaming player for listening to online radios. Any bug or feature request should be reported in


IMPORTANT: gt;gt;gt; THIS PROJECT HAS MOVED lt;lt;lt; This project has moved to Bitbucket. Downloads of older versions have been removed as these version are no longer supported. If you want to use gwt-openlayers, you can find the latest version at: or search for quot;gwt-openlayersquot; on:


Vector based drawing software designed for RPGs

PKCS#11 Wrapper for Python

PyKCS11: a complete PKCS#11 wrapper for Python, created using the SWIG compiler. The code is at

RDFa Developer

Firefox add-on that displays and checks RDFa. RDFa Developer project has been moved to BitBucket


jWrestling: a Wrestling/trading card game based D20 RPG system. The future of wrestling is here! We're joining forces with Arianne to bring a new twist to this awesome wrestling game! Source Repository: Issue Tracker:

Trove for Java

High performance collections for Java Objects and primitive types. ** Project moved to BitBucket ** Please submit all issues, requests and code there. Discussion forums remain on SF for the moment.


Asteroid has been merged with Scampi, to give rise to OScar. Follow us on Asteroid offers a powerful framework for developing constraint-based local search solution to combinatorial problems. This technique provides good scalability to real-world problems. It includes a library of standard constraints and invariants to declaratively define the problem you want to solve, and it also provides powerful search mechanisms.


****THIS PROJECT IS NOW MAINTAINED ON BITBUCKET*** Program to supplement the MMORPG City of Heroes. Parses out a demofile and paints a 2D map of everything in the vicinity of the player.