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Bit5Blog is an blog application utilizing PHP and sqlite, to quickly create and maintain a professional looking blog. Bit5Blog provides default templates for quick deployment but is also highly customizable.



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A rapid psexec style attack with samba tools

Glutorrent - The BEncoded BitTorrent class developed by GluTorrent.

GluTorrentThis is a BEncoded BitTorrent class that was originally developed by a company called GluTorrent, and was hosted at The domain does not seem to be up any longer, but since this seems to be a useful class, I wanted to make sure others had access to it for posterity. I'm not the owner or developer of this code, and I have no idea how to get in touch with the appropriate people, so if you know who to contact about this, please let me

Net-bittorrent - Perl + BitTorrent = ♥

Net::BitTorrent brings BitTorrent to Perl. Bet::BitTorrent is available via CPAN. News(Apr. 24th, 2009) URL shakeup; Spring 2009 Edition. Issue/Bug tracking has been moved to GitHub: Live support is now available via IRC on both freenode and the p2p network. Join irc:// or irc:// (Jan. 26th, 2009) URL shakeup. Development has been moved to GitHub; the repository is now at http://gith

Wildblog - Simple CMS supporting MVC and written in PHP.

Yes, it is just another CMS written in PHP. But in comparison to other similar naive projects I've spent much time trying to do things right :) Project uses the MVC design and PHP object model. It's been a bit inspired by RoR and another frameworks. In the end there should be easily extend-able CMS (Content management system) with an advanced framework as its core. For example we'll want to develop a simple blog with front-end and back-end interface. So we will only specify the data relationship

C5-test-support - Collection of tools to make Java testing a little bit easier

Latest Version: 0.9.2-m2 A collection of very simple utilities with the goal of making writing tests easier with less code. FunctionalTestRunner - JUnit ExtensionAdded in 0.9.2-m1, read about it on the Carbon Five blog: Spring 2.5+ Test ExtensionsDataSetTestExecutionListenerLoads DBUnit test fixtures before test methods flagged with the @DataSet annotation. Participates in an active transactions if avail

Mapinfodotnetwrapper - A .Net SDK for Pitney Bowes Mapinfo Professional, enhances the ability to use

The Mapinfo .NET OLE WrapperThe Mapinfo .NET OLE Wrapper project aims to act as a .NET SDK for Mapinfo Professional. I have suspended development on this project. I have written about the reasons on my blog at: After the release of version 1.0, I realized that some of the aspects of the wrapper were not really designed the best way and that version 1.0 was a bit of a rush job. I am actively working on Version 2.0 which will un

Socles - OpenCL image processing library for Java

A socle (sok-lee) is a plynth, or a foundation on which greater works are built. It non-coincidentally also contains the letter sequence 'ocl'. socles is a Java-hosted OpenCL processing library using JOCL as the binding mechanism. The goal is to produce a set of good implementations of basic image processing stages implemented in OpenCL, primarily targeting GPU processors. News25-5-12 Maybe a bit over-keen after a couple of wins elsewhere, I ported clsurf over to socles as well. I've checked in

Demisauce - Software as a Service, Content Managment, KB, Feedback systems, comment system

Demi Sauce is an application that offers web services to other applications. It operates as a server in your environment that other applications use like a software component using either Javascript embeds, or xml web services. Rather than building on top of a framework to get additional capability above your native app, Demi Sauce is all web service based to keep it separated but easily integrated with your software application. You would use it within your existing application by calling simpl

Jkadx - Java's KADemlia eXtension - An extensible Java framework for the implementation of the K

State of the Project (Current Version: PRE ALPHA)Package jkadx.hashCollisionFinder.* Finished Create SHA-1 hash from input key. Find collisions (brute force) Works over LAN and WAN using DHT for communication Works within a distributed computing network Ability for the server node to also share the workload Unfinished Robust method to handle possible udp packet loss (without reinventing tcp) Utilize n-number of cores on each node (probelmatic) jkadx.dht.* Finished Add new nodes in the correct K-

Flickr-php-curl-multiple-upload - use php curl but not pear to upload photoes to flickr , multiple u

[Brief:] php-curl , no pear! this project upload photoes to flickr and get the return url , thus you can use flickr as your blog's image hosting server! you can upload one image a time or tens of images once! which i call parathread. try it , and you will love it [description:] 1.this project upload photoes to flickr thus making flickr as a free image hosting for you and your website. 2.just php-pure-curl! if you do a search for "php upload api of flickr" , you'll get a phone book of them , but