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Bishop is an implementation of a language and an environment used to make java domain classes interact with http and template engines. Thus providing the first true web enabled mvc architecture.



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Buttermilk Game / GUI Engine

Buttermilk is a *DISCONTINUED* 2D XNA game / GUI engine that was being built for the game "Rogue Bishop". It's a very easy-to-use 2D game engine which tranparently supports 3D objects in the 2D scene graph. It currently includes a dynamically-skinned GUI system. The GUI system...

Cvtypes - wraper for OpenCV in python

This is a wrapper that combines the original CVtypes from Gary Bishop and the latest library ctypes_opencv from Minh-Tri Pham into one. This library should work with notations used in both libraries with the exception that in CVtypes we don't need to access pointers(yay!) ie: image.width instead of image[0].width. Other advantages are Complete interface to OpenCV's CXCORE, CV, HighGUI components. Pythonic interface. OpenCV's objects are safely deleted when not used. No need to invoke cvRelease..

bishop - A Webmachine-like library for Clojure

A Webmachine-like library for Clojure

Photohunt - A scavenger hunt application using pictures and text

About Photo HuntCombining a traditional scavenger hunt with mobile phones, Photo Hunt allows Bishop Museum visitors to submit pictures of specific items found within the Museum. Given a scavenger hunt list, visitors become explorers -- on the search for ancient secrets and hidden artifacts, while creating an interactive environment between Bishop Museum visitors and its exhibits. Photo Hunt is also a web application that accepts, categorizes and awards points for picture submissions, displaying

Imgd300-2011-exitclock - IMGD 3000 C-term 2011 project

PLEASE comment your code. This counts double for methods and quadruple for new classes you create. Make sure to summarize changes when you make a commit. Please use helper methods. I will brick you if you don't. CURRENT TASKSMikeImplement random maze generation BishopImplement zones and portals HillaryAdd exit generation

Ream-project - ReAM - Renewal eAthena Modification

Custom based modification based on kRO Renewal. It includes the new classes(Rune Knight, Warlock, Arch Bishop, Ranger, Mechanic, Glt Cross, Royal Guard, Sorcerer, Minstrel, Wanderer, Genetic & Shadow Chaser) and new calculations such as new aspd formula, base statuses and etc.

Ghigliottina2 - Progetto a cura del Gruppo 1 del corso di AIIELN

Progetto Ghigliottina ver. 2Who?Alessandro Brucoli Loredana Di Lauro Luciana Picca Lorenzo Zelano We are 4 students of University of Bari - Italy. We are devolping this project to "Intelligent Access of Information and Natural Language Processing" course. What?The project aim is to solve an italian television game called Ghigliottina. The game is vary simple: we have 5 word clues and we have to find one word that was releted with this clues. For example, suppose that we have this 5 clues (tranla

Daj - DAJ - Interactive Execution of Distributed Algorithms

OverviewDAJ is an interactive, visual aid for studying distributed algorithms. Interactive, because you must explicitly specify every step of the interleaved execution sequence. Visual, because the state of the nodes is continuously displayed. Study aid, because they solve one of the most difficult problems encountered by students of these algorithms by automatically doing the necessary book-keeping. The program can create a log file of commands so that you can automatically replay scenarios unt

Chesspeer - ChessPeer p2p chess

IntroductionChessPeer was developed many years ago. Official Web Site: Author: Sezgin Serin DetailsIt was my first object-oriented program. ChessPeer is accepted to Cnet You can also download binary from here: ChessPeer is p2p chess program, compatible with most of the open source chess engines. List of them: 31337AdamAbrokAlarm (not released yet)AldebaranAmateurAmundsenAmyAmyanAnMonAntArasanArist

bishop - Project Bishop

Project Bishop