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BirDy is a comic management tool. It simply allows you to index the integrality of your collection (album, paraBD, magazine) with a fully GUI swing interface. It uses some libraries like Hibernate, JFreechart, VLDocking and so on.



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Wx-mytwitter - Desktop application written in python (wxPython) for twitter

MyTwitterMy twitter application written in wxPython for learning purposes Birdie icon Depends on

Pgbirdie - PgBirdie is a database change management solution for PostgreSQL written in C#.

PgBirdie ("Project") is a PostgreSQL database change management solution. It is intended to be used with automated application deployment processes. PgBirdie enables you to create delta files for database structure and static data changes between source and target databases. If you're familiar with Innovartis DB Ghost SQL Server change management tool and process you might enjoy PgBirdie too. Intended AudienceDevelopers – and once out of alpha/beta status, DBAs -- needing a PostgreSQL database

Birdie - Casual game inspired by Q*Bert and J-Bird

What is it ?Birdie is my first personal project in C++. It is a casual game inspired by a game released in 1982 named Q*bert. More precisely, Birdie takes it's inspiration in a Q*bert clone (J-Bird) I once played on my father's 486dx2. GameplayBirdie is an isometric platform game with puzzle elements where the player controls the titular protagonist (in fact Suzanne, Blender's mascot) from a third-person perspective. Birdie starts each game at the top of a pyramid of cubes, and moves by jumping

Pyrpgcombat - RPG-style combat manager for Python

pyrpgcombat defines all the classes necessary for automated combat simulations between two combatants using a variety of RPG rule system. Combat produces text output. Here's an example: The Salty Quacker says "I'm gonna kick your $^%#@!"Lucky Feet says "Do I even have to point out that 'THIS MEANS WAR!'?"Round 1The Salty Quacker rolls 17 for initiativeLucky Feet rolls 24 for initiativeLucky Feet slaps The Salty Quacker silly.Lucky Feet attacks for 2 crush damageLucky Feet hits.A quick read will


A twitter clone


a twitter client

birdie - A twitter clone

A twitter clone


A Python VM for the Worm language specification


Putting tweets in a graph database