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Birch is a PHP4 project allowing users to create their own Yahoo! style directories. The source was derived from the phpHoo2 project, but includes new features including soft-linking of categories and a more powerful admin interface.



Related Projects

JAM MessageBase Library

JAM is a popular messagebase format for storing Fidonet messages originally devised by Joaquim Homrighausen, Andrew Milner, Mats Birch and Mats Wallin. JAMLIB is a subroutine library for manipulating such messagebases.

Birch-hill-weather - Birch Hill Temperature, Fairbanks, Alaska

Displays current temperature at Birch Hill Cross-Country Ski Area, Fairbanks, Alaska

Birch-join - Implementation of algorithm for similarity join on data stream

Implementation of algorithm for similarity join on data stream. Now it uses clustering (algo BIRCH)

Django-clients - A set of tools for web professionals to offer their clients

THIS PROJECT IS UNDER HEAVY DEVELOPMENT, DON'T USE THIS CODE IN PRODUCTION(yet)As a web professional, you probably have some pre-defined things that you provide for many clients. This project's objective is to provide those tools in an easy to install package. Clients can log in on a given site and have permission restricted options available to them. So far this package contains: Newsletters: Create newsletters in a wysiwyg editor View/edit previous newsletters Create/manage recipient lists Cre

Mashup-christian-birch-tab - Tab Test

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Mashup-christian-birch-tabsinit - Tabs lol

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Birchfs - A Metadata Search File System for Mac OS X

NOTE: Birch was interesting to write, but Google's gone and made it obsolete. See, and So, I am considering this project as dead now. Birch is a metadata search file system for Mac OS X. It represents Spotlight metadata queries as directories, and the files within directories are matches to that query. This project is being done as a part of UCSC course CMPS 221: Advanced Operating Systems.

Blcp - Birch-Like Clustering Project

An implementation of BIRCH like clustering. This code is ugly and a big proof of concept. Don't expect much. :-)

Movingpicturesxml - Process plugin to export MovingPictures DB to XML or HTML

MovingPicturesXML 1.1.3 (MP 1.1) / 1.1.6 (MP 1.2 Beta)AboutThis is a Process Plugin for MediaPortal, which exports the MovingPictures database to a local file or over FTP (in XML or HTML format). The XML which is exported is customizable by a XSL markup file, but its primary function is to export a list of your movies in HTML every hour. FeaturesEnlist movies from MovingPictures database in HTML or XML Exported list markup using XSL style sheet (thanks to the_ult) Sorting and filtering possibili

birch_build - Birch Build support

Birch Build support