Bioviewer Motion Data Player

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A C++/SDL/OpenGL player for the Biovision .bvh file format, which stores hierarchical motion data commonly originating from motion capture hardware. Support for the Kaydara .fbx format (a general 3D interchange format) is planned.



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Please be patient as I am doing this in my spare timeBioView was originally devised as a subcomponent of the AutoCSA project (CGP - Sanger Institute). The initial version only contains the Chromatogram rendering code for visulisation of sequencing data. The main driving force of this was that the existing BioJava code was heavily biased towards processed data and was inefficient when rendering sub sections of chromatograms. The intended future of BioView is to provide further easy to use compone

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March-April 2010 postings We began with: The capabilities of Concept maps as enabled by open source CmapTools are used. Cmaps are being used to capture an engineering view of Immunobiology. This is very early exploration work. Very little has been peer reviewed. The object is to map an Immunobiology bio-view of the Immune system's response to Melanoma tumor to a linear multi-variable feedback control system math-view. The Cmaps are used as an effective means to bridge the language gaps bio vs. e