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Calculates and shows your biorhythm at any day, composed by your intellectual, your emotional and your physical states.



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Pyorhythm - Calculates a person's biorhythm and draws corresponding charts

The program is written in Python. For further information on Biorhyhtms please google a bit ;) or have a look at

Pyorhythms - Python based biorhythm charting and reporting

biorhythm charting and reporting. For fun and educational purposes. partially roughed in, pre-alpha Future Additions: cmd line interface reporting Upcoming Great Days (> 0.8) Upcoming Good Days (>= 0.0) Upcoming watchout Days (< 0.0) Upcoming Danger! Days (< -0.8) make usable for web apps

Mobile Biorhythm

Generates a detailed biorhythm on your J2ME mobile phone and allows you to share it with others.


Wmbio is a dockapp designed for windowmaker that show you your biorhythms by setting your birth's date.

Neorhythm - Biorhythm Application for the Neonode N2

Moved to GitHubThe code is moved to NeoRhythmNeoRhythm, the Biorhtyhm application for the Neonode N2 Neonode N2 is a phone form Swedish company Neonode. NeoRhythm is the first application form Triple Software for the Neonode N2. With many thanks to the guys and girls at and

Cell Biorhythm

An application to calculate the biorhythm on cell phone and other mobile device with JVM

Epicmedia-gadgets - Google Gadgets by Epic Media

This project houses a collection of gadgets for the Google personalized homepage. These are primarily experimental (trying out different gadget features and programming tricks), but if you find them useful, enjoy! Biorhythm GadgetsToday's Biorhythm Color Daily Biorhythm Graph BaseCamp GadgetsThe following gadgets interact with 37signals' BaseCamp project collaboration site: BaseCamp Recent Updates MiscellanyAstronomy Picture of the Day

Biorhythm - Biorhythm calculator

Biorhythm calculator

Biorhythms - Modular Biorhythms application

Modular Biorhythms application