Biorezonanta Dr. Alexandru Olga 0040723347034

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biorezonanta medicina bioresonance imaging scan dr. alexandru olga 0040723347034 biofeedback medical investigation with bioresonance . investigatii, diagnostic si tratament prin biorezonanta .



Related Projects

Zenbiofeedback - biofeedback device

using the small electrical signals of the body the zen will be used to control a computer

Ubcdb - Database of urinary bladder cancer patients

Database of urinary bladder cancer case histories. It allows to evluate some statistical data.


Brunn is a laboratory information system for Bioclipse. It features a database model and a reference implementation for data from high-throughput drug screening and bioassays in cancer research. It features tools for management of microtiter plates.

Insitu - Web application for Cancer Staging based on Collaborative Staging Task Force algorithm

Web application uses a C library from Collaborative Staging Task Force to enable convenient web interface for cancer staging. The application can be integrated into any existing web application and work in conjunction with exiting clinical data.

Lungcancertool - Tool for predicting the expected survival of a luncg cancer patient.

Website that when combined with a fitting R model will predict the survival time of a patient with lung cancer producing a graph and a table of the results. Technologies included are Java, JRI, rJava, R, and possibly JFreeChart.

Ligasis - Site para Liga Feminina de Combate ao cancer

Site em PHP para gerenciar as despesas dos pacientes da liga feminina de combate ao cancer. Contem: Cadastro de pacientes, Relação das despesas, Autorização para gastos com pacientes, relatorios de despesas.

Torchit - Realistic application of artificial neural networks based on wisconsin breast cancer datab

The aim of this project is to implement a realistic application of artificial neural networks. Our work will be based on wisconsin breast cancer database ( and use the C++-based Torch machine learning library to implement BackPropagation, EM with GMMs (initialized with the K-means algorithm) and an SVM algorithm.

Fastbreak - Structural variant detection, analysis and visualization in mate pair genetic sequence d

Fastbreak is a set of python scripts implementing an O(n) algorithm for detecting translocations and other genetic structural variants from aligned mate pair sequence data in SAM/BAM format. This project also includes scripts in python and R for data QA and downstream analysis of the detected structural variation, visualizations in javascript and a web application for presenting the results. It was developed in the Ilya lab at the Institute for Systems Biology as part of The Cancer Genome Atlas.

Caisis - Web-based clinical research information system

Caisis is an open source web application designed to bridge the gap between Clinical Research and Clinical Practice. The application was originally designed to track data for Urologic cancer, but now has expanded to track a variety cancers and other medical conditions. The project was initiated with the goal of improving data quality and accuracy while reducing time and effort for clinicians and support staff. The Caisis team has openly embraced the open source model. As such, the application an