BioPortal Tools and Genepedia

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This is a set of components and modules that will be created for Joomla, wikis or other content management systems (CMSs) that extend these CMS for applications in biological research, and in particular large collaborations.



Related Projects

Bioontologies-mapping-debugger - Debugging Mappings between Biomedical Ontologies

Project SummaryThe ability to provide semantic mappings between multiple large biomedical ontologies is considered as a very important, albeit labor-intensive and error-prone task. To facilitate such a process, several approaches for collaborative ontology mapping building and sharing have been proposed in the recent past. However, despite the improvements in community-wide mappings development, more often the mapping rules are redundant, incoherent, and at times, incorrect. In this project, we

bioportal - Git Mirror of BioPortal SVN

Git Mirror of BioPortal SVN


A rails application for biological ontologies, see

bioportal-rdf-service - A CTS2 implementation based on the NCBO Bioportal triple-store.

A CTS2 implementation based on the NCBO Bioportal triple-store.


A Ruby interface to the BioPortal REST interface


This is a prototype BioPortal web service using rails-api as the framework


This is a django app that acts as a proxy for BioPortal's public triple store. It uses a modified version of the SNORQL browser to help the navigation across graphs and codemirror for syntax highlighting.


These python scripts connect to the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) database and translate the ontologies into RDF/OWL files. This is part of the BioPortal project.