Biological Pathway Exchange Language

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BioPAX is a standard language for integration, exchange, visualization and analysis of biological pathway data. BioPAX supports data exchange between pathway data groups and thus reduces the complexity of interchange between data formats by providing an accepted standard format for pathway data. By offering a standard, with well-defined semantics for pathway representation, BioPAX allows pathway databases and software to interact more efficiently. In addition, BioPAX enables the development of pathway visualization from databases and facilitates analysis of experimentally generated data through combination with prior knowledge. The BioPAX effort is coordinated closely with that of other pathway related standards initiatives namely; PSI-MI, SBML, CellML, and SBGN in order to deliver a compatible standard in the areas where they overlap. This project contains the BioPAX specification, documentation, Paxtools Java API and the BioPAX validator.



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The System Biology Format Converter is a generic framework in Java that can potentially translate any system biology format into another. Currently, it include converters from SBML to other formats, like BioPax, Octave, XPP.

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This project hosts source code related to the Pathway Commons project. Pathway Commons is a collection of publicly available pathways from multiple organisms. It provides researchers with convenient access to a comprehensive collection of pathways from multiple sources represented in a common language. Access is via a web portal for browsing, query and download. Database providers can share their pathway data via a common repository and avoid duplication and reduce software development costs. Bi

Sig2biopax - Sig2BioPAX is a comand-line Java program that can be used to convert structured text fi

Sig2BioPAX: Java tool for converting flat text files to BioPAX Level 3 formatAbstractThe World Wide Web plays a critical role in enabling researchers to exchange, search, process, visualize, integrate and analyze experimental data. Such efforts can be further enhanced through the development of the concept of the semantic web. The semantic web idea is to enable machines to understand data through the development of protocol free data exchange formats such as Resource Description Framework (RDF)


A project to capture biological data from academic papers in BioPAX format

Biopax2PNML - Building biological models automatically using the Semantic Web

Building biological models automatically using the Semantic Web


CyPath2 is a new web service client app for Cytoscape 3.0 to search, traverse, run graph and pattern queries on a cPath2 BioPAX L3 data server


An effort to generalize and derive from the BioPAX Validator's core Java API and library a lite, powerful, agile rule engine for other knowledge domain unsupervised rule-based semantic validation and normalization. In other words, one will be able to define (in Java), compile, and plug specific rules, checks, actions, and hooks and apply it to different "business" models, such as ( SBGN, SBML, and the related apps, and more!