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BioNLP is an initiative by the University of Colorado Denver Health Sciences Center to create and distribute code, software, and data for applying natural language processing techniques to biomedical texts



Related Projects

Negmole - Negation detection in molecular events

NegmoleNegation detection in molecular eventsWorking on the data provided by BioNLP'09 shared task organisers. Original data from the shared task page.

Whatswrong - What's Wrong With My NLP?

What's Wrong With My NLP?: A visualizer for Natural Language Processing problems. Features(Jointly) visualize syntactic dependency graphs semantic dependency graphs (a la CoNLL 2008) Chunks (such as syntactic chunks, NER chunks, SRL chunks etc.) Bilingual alignments BioNLP events, proteins, locations Generic format to load and visualize your own data. Compare gold standard trees to your generated trees (e.g. highlight false positive and negative dependency edges) Filter trees and visualize only


Supporting resources and a replicable pipeline for the BioNLP Shared Task 2011 data

ucleed - UCL (BioNLP) (E)vent (E)xtractor based on dual (d)ecomposition

UCL (BioNLP) (E)vent (E)xtractor based on dual (d)ecomposition