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Computer programs for application in Sports science, Physical Culture, among others. By Enrique R.P. Buendiacute;a Lozada. , Benemeacute;rita Universidad Autoacute;noma de Puebla (BUAP), Meacute;xico. (Software without any warranty).



Related Projects

Libc3d - A library for reading(now) and writing(future?) c3d bioimaging files

There currently exist libraries for reading and writing C3D files in windows, but none that seem to be either open source, or work in a cross platform environment. The aim of this project is to create such a library. If it's not obvious, I abandoned this project. I found the BioMechanical Toolkit, which is open source and does what this project set out to do. You can find it here.


OpenTrack is Firefox extension which is a combination video tracking and analysis tool for use in physics and biomechanics. It has three components: OpenTrack2d, a video and image analysis suite, the JSvg Analysis Console that gives access to graphing, math and statistical tools, and the Report Editor, a simple editor that can import OT graphics and video results for web presentation.

Virtualpole - Acquire and analyse biomechanical events with high-speed video in real-time

VirtualPole is a project aimed to develop an application for uninterrupted, real-time acquisition and analysis of high-speed video, specifically for use in neuroscience research. VirtualPole was initially developed to meet the need for real-time analysis of high-speed video in rodent physiology experiments. The application was designed with very specific hardware requirements in mind: A Basler a504 CameraLink high-speed video camera and a National Instruments PCIe-1429 framegrabber. The current

Pkss - Preoperative Knee Simulation Software

Developed at the University of Florida, Gary J. Miller Orthopaedic Biomechanics Lab, the Preoperative Knee Simulation Software (PKSS) project seeks to provide orthopaedic surgeons with additional total or partial knee replacement planning tools.