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Biome is a C++ library for the development of (individual-based) simulations.



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Biom is an open source project related to bioinformatics. Biom is started for needs of university project related to statistics for Sars corona virus. It can work with any genome sequence, nucleo or amino.

TerrainControl - Bukkit plugin version of Biome Terrain Mod - minecraft land generator.

Bukkit plugin version of Biome Terrain Mod - minecraft land generator.

Worldgen - WorldGen: a program to generate and simulate an entire world.

WorldGen is a program that, as the name suggests, generates a whole world. It provides output in the form of maps, defining each layer of data. In the future, it is planned to become much more extensive, realistic, and especially user-friendly. (The first posted release is actually just the first release that can be used without directly modifying the code.) The current modules of WorldGen that exist are as follows: Terrain Techtonics (not implemented) Oceans Water runoff (not implemented) Tempe

Abord - A BioME approach to Databases

ABorD is the BioME (Bionformatics Made Easy) approach to Databases set up. The main goal of ABorD is to provide the framework to easily and quickly create biological databases.

Open-biomed - Transferring the latest technologies for efficient biomedical research.

Transferring the latest technologies for efficient biomedical research. News February 2011 Open-Biomed for Drosophila research Milestone 3: December 2010 First public release of the Open Provenance Model Vocabulary: July 2010: Open-Biomed for Drosophila research Milestone 2: April 2010: Beta1 release of Open-Biomed fo

Biomedica - Eletroencefalograma

Arquivos fonte de hardware e software além de datasheets do projeto de mestrado na área biomédica em eletroencefalografia.

Biomedken - Tools and Utilities that A Biomedical Engineer Might Find Useful

A general purpose set of tools and utilities that a biomedical engineer might find useful.

Informaticabiomedica - = Portal Brasileiro de Informática Biomédica =

Projeto Peering Infobio com vista à construção do Portal Brasileiro de Informática Biomédica. Ambiente de desenvolvimento colaborativo de sistemas de informação e gestão em saúde, bioinformática e processamento de imagens médicas

Ratobserver - RatObserver

RatObserver project executed as a group project on Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics

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