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Extract and read README.txt before running the program! ----- This is an initial release. We are still checking bugs and within shortest time we will re-upload the software.For support or suggestion please e-mail us via



Related Projects

Congress-explorer - Congress Explorer - Powered by Sunlight Labs API

OverviewThe Congress Explorer is an open-source platform aimed at searching and exporting data about the Congress members. The Congress Explorer leverages the Sunlight Labs API. It provides a rich user-interface to perform complex searches on legislators: by name by title (Senator, Representative,...) by political party by gender by location (state, district) by contacts (Twitter, Bioguide, ...) ExportSearch results can be exported in different formats: PDF documents Excel worksheets DemoA Flash

Bioguid - Resolving, discovering, and minting identifiers for biodiversity informatics

This is home to several projects. bioGUIDLinking together the data of interest to biodiversity researchers (including specimen records, images, taxonomic names, and DNA sequences) requires services that can mint, resolve, and discover globally unique identifiers (including, but not limited to, DOIs, HTTP URIs, and LSIDs). bioGUID implements a range of services, the core ones being an OpenURL resolver for bibliographic resources, and a LSID resolver. The LSID resolver supports Linked Data-friendl

Txtckr - A simple OpenURL resolver, written in php5

txtckr, ("text seeker"), is intended to be an object-oriented approach to implementing an OpenURL resolver, (link resolver). Hopefully txtckr will implement improvements that were identified as textseeka grew, as well as learn from: similar tools such as bioGuid, and Umlaut other projects which interact with metadata found on web sites and databases such as Zotero. txtckr is now being implemented using the Vork php framework, and I'm working on the MVC stuff, and how I will transform what used t

Iphylo - iPhylo goals

GoalsiPhylo is a series of experiments in biodiversity informatics. Some of the projects described on my iPhylo blog will have their source code here (see also the bioGUID respository for projects such as bioGUID and BioStor). For some general background see my paper on Biodiversity informatics: the challenge of linking data and the role of shared identifiers (doi:10.1093/bib/bbn022, preprint at Nature Precedings hdl:10101/npre.2008.1760.1). iPad PLoS experimentsCode for my iPad PLoS experiments