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Framework for web-based georeferencing of natural history collections and observations.



Related Projects

Biogeomancer-core - BioGeomancer Core

OverviewThe Java BioGeomancer Core API is used for georeferencing localities. For example: 5 Miles West of Berkeley Between Stuttgart and Munich 17 KM Northeast of Singapore 2 KM south of St. Petersburg, Russia 5 KM east of Madagascar To see BioGeomancer in action, try the BioGeomancer Workbench web application. The API is a primary deliverable of the BioGeomancer Project which was managed by the University of California at Berkeley, funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and implement

Ala-dataquality - Atlas of Living Australia - Data Quality

Atlas of Living Australia - Data Quality PortalWelcome to the Atlas of Living Australia Data quality checks and issues pages. The Data Quality Checks Spreadsheet is a summary of the data quality checks implemented and planned for the Atlas of Living Australia. We have also set up a Wiki page for each check to document more detail where needed and for you to provide comments on each check. Please post your comments of a broader nature, along with any suggestion for content inclusion to the genera

Biogeobif - Automated georeferencing of digital biological collections

One of the most fundamental units of any biodiversity occurrence record is a locality description. Turning the textual locality descriptions into geospatial coordinates (or improving existing ones) immeasurably increases the quality and usability of specimen occurrence data. The system we are building is very simple and does the following: 1. A data harvester collects records from institution resources that have been approved for use by their administrators. 2. Harvested records are evaluated to