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BioCreAtIvE: Critical Assessment of Information Extraction Systems in Biology is a community wide evaluation that compares the performance of systems which automatically mine biomedical text.



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Pubmed-ex - PubMed-EX

IntroductionPubMed-EX is a browser extension that marks up PubMed search results with additional information retrieved from IASL & IISR text-mining services. PubMed-EX's page mark-up includes section categorization, gene/disease name, and relation. The mark-ups of PubMed-EX can help researchers quickly focus on key information in retrieved abstracts and can provide additional background information on key terms. Furthermore, our text-mining server carries out all text-mining processing, freeing

biocreative - BioCreative III Interactive Annotation Task

BioCreative III Interactive Annotation Task


BioCreative III Interactive Annotation Task, 3-4GB data with species and entrezgenes annotated