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A simple C program for GNU/Linux systems to synthesize a sound signal with binaural beats: when listened to with headphones, the distinct frequencies of the two channels interfere in the brain to produce a difference frequency in the EEG range.



Related Projects

BS2B Frontend

Frontend for the Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP (bs2b) with an ability to process several files simultaneously using all available CPU cores.

SBaGen Binaural Wave Generator

A Sequenced Binaural Wave Generator for Linux+Windows. May be used to generate sounds that entrain the brain's waves to oscillate at selected frequencies to aid in relaxation, lucid dreaming, meditation, clear thought, out-of-body experiences + more

Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP

The Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP (bs2b) library and plugins is designed to improve headphone listening of stereo audio records. Recommended for headphone prolonged listening to disable superstereo fatigue without essential distortions.


A programmable audio generator intended as an aural aid to meditation, implementing the binaural beat principle as described in Gerald Oster's Oct. 1973 Scientific American article quot;Auditory Beats in the Brain.quot;


Generate binaural, pulse, and phase beats for brain wave entrainment. Mix with internally generated tones and noise or user sound files. Play immediately or write to file. Requires a text script file to specify sound sequences, many samples provided.

Sensub - visual-to-auditory sensory substitution prosthesis for the blind and visually impaired

This program converts live camera images into auditory signals allowing blind and visually impaired people to use their auditory sense to acquire information that their visual sense would normally have provided to them. A very modular software design has been chosen to enable other users and researchers to add easily new sensory mappings and even user interfaces. A novel sensory substitution mapping has been developed introducing for the first time binaural cues to such a prosthesis, enabling us

Drg2sbg - I-Doser .drg files to .sbg converter

This program converts the .drg propiatary file format into the open source SBaGen format. I-Doser is a company that produces Binaural brainwaves to simulate different states. The problem is that they don't provide a doser application for Linux, and their mp3 collection is limited, with this program you can convert the .drg file to an .sbg and then using SBaGen (an open source application that they use as main engine to generate the tones) you can convert it to wav and (if desired) to mp3 or simi


Entrainer is a Java program (JRE 1.7.0_07+ required, available from which creates binaural beat frequencies with sound, light and animations for the purpose of entraining one's brain waves.

Binaural-vst - Binaural Audio Effect VST Plugin

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Bin2box - Converter of Binaural SBG scripts to Harmonic Box and Monaural beat format.

This program is an automatic way to convert sbagen Binaural scripts to Harmonic Box X and Monaural Beat format. Waiving the great work of manually convert scripts with many lines or even worse: numerous files with many voices to be calculated (in case of Harmonic box). Convert many files at once without having to edit them (in some cases, when the script is very complex, it is good review). ManualUsage; Installation. NOTE: In my tests, the bin2box was run in Microsoft Windows OS, with Cygwin app