Biological Network Analyzer

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Workbench for visualizing biological networks (regulatory, interaction, and metabolic). Can be used as a front-end for BNDB datawarehouses, but also as stand-alone tool.



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Flux Model Plugin for BiNA

Flux Model Plugin for BiNA



Jeeamtee - GMT - Generic Memory Tool

GMT - Generic Memory ToolGMT is a collection of classes for easy, human-friendly memory access in your console tools. I've got the idea for GMT as I worked on a hardware project. The hardware (FPGA) could be accessed via shared memory. GMT allows to displays and modify data in memory using simple commands. The class is intended to be used in console tools, therefore the commands are human readable strings. With GMT you can: dump memory in human friendly form. GMT displays memory in hex- and bina

Jmexml - XML serialization classes for the jMonkeyEngine, and an exporter for Blender

The XML IO System is part of jME 2.0! The new Blender exporter for jME 2.0 xml is in the download area: This is all you need if you are using jME 2! jmexml is a XML serialization system for the jMonkeyEngine high speed java scenegraph engine, Version 1 (jME 1). It is based on jME's standardized serialization system. This project is also a place to stay for jME's abandoned "old style" XML serialization format. While the xml and underlying bina

G-mvc - Java platformunda GWT uzerinde Ext (GXT) bilesenleri kullanilarak gelistirilen MVC catisi

GMVC ve MovieClub projesine hosgeldiniz! \t\t\t GMVC ve MovieClub Projesi acik kaynak teknolojiler kullanilarak Java' da gelistirilmistir. Bu projenin amaci, GMVC (GWT uzerine MVC) catisini gerceklemektir. GMVC catisi icerisinde GWT ve GXT ile ilgili karsilasilan bircok sikintinin cozumunu bulabilirsiniz. GMVC Catisi LGPLV3 ile lisanslanmistir. MovieClub Projesi GPLV3 ile lisanslanmistir. Projenin icerisinde bulabilecekleriniz: Hibernate implementasyonu : Dozer API kullanilarak model siniflar DT

Epubcheck - Validation tool for EPUB

EpubCheckEpubCheck is a tool to validate IDPF EPUB files, version 2.0 and later. It can detect many types of errors in EPUB. OCF container structure, OPF and OPS mark-up, and internal reference consistency are checked. EpubCheck can be run as a standalone command-line tool, installed as a Java server-side web application or used as a Java library. Note that you must be able to run Java from the command-line and be familiar with command-line tools to use this effectively. There are step-by-step g

Logview - A Qt-based log viewer for Python's standard logging package

OverviewThis project provides a viewer for logging output produced by Python programs using its standard library's logging package and sending logging events to TCP, UDP and ZeroMQ PUB sockets. Screenshot: InstallationThis application has dependencies on Qt4/PyQt4 (required) and ZeroMQ/pyzmq (optional). None of the dependencies are easily installable, so a source distribution is provided (for use where you have Qt4 and PyQt4, and optionally ZeroMQ and pyzmq, already installed), and a set of bina

Haruhi-pg - It is a parallel power grid simulator

DescriptionIt is a parallel power grid simulator. ReleaseThe first version is released at 2011-04-06. Download here - InstallWith library filesThe pre-compiled third party library files are included (in Ubuntu 8.04 environment). tar zxvf haruhi-pg.tar.gzWithout library filestar zxvf haruhi-pg-wo.tar.gzAfter un-tar the file. You may see four directories - bin, src, case, and lib. I did not add the libraries to here, since the size is too large and

Cardex2009 - Sistema integrado para automação comercial

/ Cardex 2009 - DELIVERY Sistema integrado para automação comercial 1.\tControle de Cadastros 1.1\tClientes 1.2\tFornecedores 1.3\tFuncionários 1.4\tUsuários Sistema 1.5\tMatéria Prima 1.6\tProdutos 2.\tFaturamento 2.1.\tOrçamento 2.2.\tPedido Venda 2.3.\tFrente Caixa 2.4.\tOrdem de Serviço 2.5.\tControle de Entrega 3.\tFinanceiro 3.1.\tPlano de Contas 3.2.\tContas a Pagar 3.3.\tContas a Receber 3.4.\tBoleto Bancário 3.5.\tFluxo de Caixa 4.\tMódulos adicionais 4.1.\tConsulta CEP on-line