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Tool written in perl to convert binary files of known formats to/from free format xml. The binary specification file allows for: primative types, structs, struct pointers and translations. The first application of the tool is for DVD IFO files.



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Spring-net-objects-checker - A tool to check your spring-objects.xml (.net version) .

This tool will parse and check type of objects that are in your spring-objects.xml with loaded assemblies. Made with Visual C# 2010 Express. How do I use this? ex. SpringNetObjectsChecker.exe (parameter-1:a file full name of spring-objects.xml) (parameter-2:another spring-objects.xml) (parameter-3:the other) ... (parameter-last:a directory full name of your dlls location) SpringNetObjectsChecker.exe D:\\LozenProjects\\SourceToTest\\Core\\SpringConfig\\objects.xml dao.xml D:\\LozenProjects\\Sourc

Spring-runner - A simple Spring server.

The spring-runner project provides some simple runner services that can bootstrap any Java service like process. It comes with a SpringRunner that takes any Spring XML configuration files and run it. Example: $ bin/run-spring config/simpleservice-beans.xmlINFO SpringRunner | Registered MBean: springrunner:type=service,name=SpringRunnerINFO SpringRunner | Starting Service[springrunner.SpringService@11546234]INFO FileSystemXmlApplicationContext| Refreshing

Java-appengine-lowlevel - Java Google App Engine Low Level

So what is this all about?A demo for GAE-J low-level api's like memcache + datastore A barebone (no framework involved) A sample for a json interaction that uses gae-j in the default settings see DemoInteraction Let me clarify... This is Not !!!A replacement for JSR311 Nor a JSON+Rest Binding And doesn't contain any XHR Sample What does it do?Read more Running the DemoThe project was built by maven gae:plugin Downloadhg clone java-appengine-lowl

Minix - miniX - a simplified setupX

IntroductionMiniX is a simplified version of the SetupX experimental design software and mainly used in cooperation with BinBase InstallationAt this point miniX comes in two different version. Standalone in Jetty/Tomcat with external BinBase configurationplease download the tomcat war and just deploy it to your jetty or tomcat deploy directory, Embeded in JBoss with embeded BinBase configurationTo use the embbeded version you first need to configure your jboss deployment order, since for some re

Perl-net-dns-xml - Subclass of XML::Simple that takes a Net::DNS::Packet object and turns it into we

NAMENet::DNS::XML - Transforms a Net::DNS::Packet into well formed XML. SYNOPSIS #!/usr/bin/perl use Net::DNS::Resolver; use Net::DNS::XML; # Create Net::DNS::Packet object. my $resolver = Net::DNS::Resolver->new(); my $answer = $resolver->query('', 'A', 'IN'); # Create Net::DNS::XML object. my $xmlout = Net::DNS::XML->new([<options>]); my $xml = $xmlout->XMLout($answer [, <options>]); QUICK STARTA script that takes two arguments, hostname and record type: my $resolver = Net::DNS::Resol


This is a _forked_ version of the original VCDimager by HvR, adding ISO9660-2 support. lkVCDimager creates (S)VCD cd-images (cue/bin, toc/img, Nero\'s NRG) using XML as input.

Dbsteward - SQL database XML definition tool for DDL creation and differencing

What / who is DBSteward for?DBSteward is a database definition differencing tool. Database structure and data is defined in a DTD-enforced, human readable XML format. Intended users are application developers and database administrators who maintain database structure changes as part of an application life cycle. Defining your SQL database in a DBSteward XML definition can greatly lower your release engineering costs by removing the need to write and test SQL DDL changes. Many developers maintai

Htmlarea-insert-flash - Insert Flash Plugin for HTMLArea 3.0

AboutinsertFlash is a plugin for popular cross-browser rich editor HTMLArea ( insertFlash 是廣�好評的網�編輯器 HTMLArea ( 的外掛程� InstallationUnpack zip to htmlarea\\plugins 將檔案解壓縮到 htmlarea\\plugins NoticeinsertFlash plugin use swfobject.js version 1.4.x / 1.5.x linked in, you could modify this link in lang setting

Jpkg-library - Java library and tools for operating system package creation.

DescriptionJpkg is both a library and a set of Apache Ant tasks for building operating system packages. FeaturesCurrently the Debian .deb format is supported. Detailed validation of package fields to be conformant with the Debian package specification for the package features supported by Jpkg. Not all Debian package features are supported, only those necessary to generate useful packages. Supports custom package maintainer scripts, backed by Velocity templates. Contains a library called Antidot

Open-forum - Open Forum - A standalone Wiki and Server

OpenForum is a free and open source application providing an integrated web server and Wiki. It comes ready to run and has integrated user authentication. It will run on any platform that supports Java 1.4 or later. This includes Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. Take a look at the feature list Download and unzip the zip file Run the file bin/openforumwiki.bat (This starts a web server on the loop back address Open a Web Browser and goto to page Please note that the openfor

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